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Bathtub Shower Diverter Valve Replacement Guide
How to replace a leaking or faulty bathtub shower water diverter valve with pictures and step by step instructions.

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Bathtub Diverter Valve
Plastic Valve Piece
Twist Off Counter Clockwise
If your bathtub diverter valve isn't able to redirect all or even some of the water from the tub spout to your shower head, you may need to replace the entire assembly.

Most water diverter valves contain plastic moving parts and possibly also a rubber seal or gasket. Over the years, these parts can become worn out preventing the valve from sealing properly and lead to water being wasted every time you shower.

Two major types of tub spout diverter valves are the ones held in place by a single screw or bolt on the underside and the twist on/off or "threaded" variety.

Look at the underside of the diverter valve to determine which type is installed in your tub. It will either be solid (threaded), or have an access hole with a Allen key bolt or other type of screw visible.

Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-004 Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-005 Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-006
I'd recommend removing the old tub spout diverter valve and taking it to a home improvement store to buy a new one to make sure you buy an appropriate replacement.

New valves from Home Depot cost anywhere from about $15 for a simple unit to almost $200 for polished brass or brushed nickel models. (Be careful to not mistakenly buy a "non-diverter" tub spout.)

Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-007 Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-008 Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-009
Both of the valves that I replaced happened to be the simple twist on/off threaded types.

To remove them, I turned them counter clockwise (to the left) until they came off the tub water supply pipe.

To help prevent water from leaking out from the threads on the water supply pipe, wrap a piece of white silicone Teflon tape or "plumber's" tape around the threads before twisting on the new tub spout diverter valve.

Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-010 Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-011 Bath-Tub-Shower-Diverter-Valve-Replacement-Guide-012
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