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How To Fix A Leaking Kitchen Sink Drain
A pictures illustrated guide to repairing a kitchen sink drain leak with step by step instructions and parts list.

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Dual Basin Kitchen Sink
Sink Drain & Disposal
Cracked 1.5" Metal Nut

I recently noticed a small puddle of water under the kitchen sink after taking out the trash can. Using a small flashlight, I examined the various drain pipes, the garbage disposal and the vinyl plastic fresh water lines.

The source of the leak ended up being a cracked metal collar nut that attached the white PVC drain pipe to the metal sink basin.

To be sure that I bought the correct replacement part at Home Depot, I wanted to bring the old piece with me. I had to take apart the entire drain pipe assembly to be able to remove the old broken collar nut.

I used a pipe wrench, locking pliers, and a Phillips head screw driver to take apart the drain assembly.

At Home Depot, I learned from the plumbing expert that this 1 1/2" metal collar nut is a common failure point on sink drains.

Split Metal Nut
Water Leaking
The 1.5 inch collar nut is usually the first part to fail on a sink drain because the repeated changes in temperature over many years causes the metal to contract and expand until it develops fatigue and cracks.
Kitchen-Sink-Drain-Leak-Repair-Guide-007 Kitchen-Sink-Drain-Leak-Repair-Guide-008 Kitchen-Sink-Drain-Leak-Repair-Guide-009
Pipe Wrench & Pliers
Loosening Old Nut
Broken Nut Removed
Drain Assembly Detached
To remove the old collar nut, I used the orange handled adjustable pipe wrench and turned the nut counter clockwise.

Then I had to loosen several plastic collar nuts and unscrew the tap collar for the water filtration system.

Taking Apart Drain Pipe
Drain Pipe Disassembled
Broken 1 1/2" Drain Collar

New Drain Collar Nut $2.53
Dearborn Brass # HD8033C
Teflon Tape $0.98
At Home Depot I bought a Dearborn Brass # HD8033C 1 1/2" Zinc Nut for $2.53 and some Teflon tape or "plumber's" tape for $0.98.

So the total cost of parts for this repair was about $3.50.

New Nut On Drain Pipe
Re-Assembling Drain Pipe
Wrapping Teflon Tape
Once back home, I slid the new 1.5" collar nut onto the PVC drain pipe and put the assembly back together.

It's always a good idea to wrap a few turns of Teflon tape on any plumbing connection to prevent leaks or seepage.

The Teflon tape helps seal up any miniscule irregularities between the surfaces and create a watertight joint.

Re-Installing Drain Pipe
Lower Connector Secured
Tightening Drain Pipe Collar
I first attached the lower "U" bend part of the drain pipe with the PVC collar nut and tightened it snugly by hand.

Then I threaded the new 1.5" collar nut on to the bottom of the sink and tightened it with the pipe wrench.

During the first test, water sprayed from around the new collar nut.

I tightened the zinc collar nut a few more turns and the leak stopped.

To test the drain pipe again, I put some paper towels under the sink and ran the water for a few minutes.

So far, the pipe is water tight.

Paper Towel Drip Test
Running Water
Full Sink - Pressure Test
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