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Culligan IC-EZ-1 Drinking Water Filter Installation Guide
Pictures illustrated instructions for installing a Culligan IC-EZ-1 Refrigerator Icemaker/Dispenser drinking water filter.

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Culligan IC-EZ-1
12 Month, 3000 Gallons
Filter, Papers, Screws
The tap water in our city, while being perfectly safe to drink, doesn't always taste that great.

Our house was originally equipped with an elaborate under sink system that filters the water for both the refrigerator icemaker and the kitchen sink's drinking water dispenser.

For better tasting water from the kitchen sink's drinking water fountain, I decided to install this Culligan IC-EZ-1 Refrigerator Icemaker/Dispenser water filter. The total cost was about $18.

Since I was eliminating the old dual purpose system, I also installed a Culligan IC-100 Refrigerator Icemaker Water Filter on the back of our GE refrigerator.

The only tools needed to complete this job are scissors, a screwdriver (optional) and some basic knowledge of plumbing.

Old Dual Purpose Filter
Old Plastic Tubes
Old Connecting Pieces
My first task was to figure out how to eliminate the old dual purpose water filter system that used to provide clean water to the refrigerator icemaker and the kitchen sink's water fountain. There were a variety of colorful vinyl tubes snaking their way around the area under the sink. I eventually isolated the clear tube (icemaker water supply), the blue tube (sink fountain water supply) and the black tube (fresh water supply line).
Old System Cut Out
Supply Line & Fountain Tube
"T" Supply Line Splitter
Once the old system had been removed, I moved on to splitting the common water supply line (black tube) to provide water for both the refrigerator icemaker (clear tube) and the kitchen sink's drinking fountain (blue tube). I recycled a few of the old plastic compression nuts and a "T" splitter to get the job done.
Water Supply Line Split
Icemaker & Fountain Connected
Sink Dispenser Connected

Culligan IC-EZ-1
Water Supply Valve
Blue Tube To Fountain
I verified that both the fountain and icemaker were being supplied fresh water and then turned off the main water supply valve.
Cutting Blue Pipe To Fountain
Blue Supply Tube Cut
Marking In/Out Connections
When I was finally ready to actually install the Culligan IC-EZ-1 water filter under the sink, I cut the blue plastic tube that went from the water supply splitter to the bottom of the kitchen sink's water dispensing fountain.
Water Flow Indicator Marks
Water Supply Side Inserted
To Fountain Tube Inserted
I had previously marked which side of the Culligan IC-EZ-1 was the "In" connection and the "Out" connection where the filtered water would flow out to the dispenser.

The filter is equipped with pressure connections, so connecting the lines is extremely easy.

Be sure to double check that you are inserting the the "supply" and "filtered water" tubes in the correct locations.

The pressure fittings hold on to the tubes very securely and it may be impossible to remove them once inserted without damaging the water filter.

Opening Water Supply Valve
Great Tasting Water
Water Filter Stowed Away
I placed the water filter down where the old filter system used to reside out of the way of the trash can and turned on the water supply valve.

The instructions recommend allowing a few gallons of water to flow through the filter to flush out any loose particles of carbon that may be inside the filter.

After a few minutes of letting the water run, I sampled the filtered water and was pleasantly surprised by how fresh it tasted.

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