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Costco Wholesale Warehouse Club Product Prices
Pictures and prices of some of the food, household, & personal hygiene items available at the Costco Wholesale club.

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Costco Food Products
Five Pound Bag - $0.34/LB
Del Monte Bananas 5# $1.69
Pineapple $2.99

After my last trip to the local Costco Wholesale Club warehouse, I decided to take pictures of all the products and post their prices on this page. (This purchase was made in mid June of 2008.)

If you're considering becoming a Costco member, find the receipt from your last supermarket purchase and compare those prices to these.

I've done some of my own quick comparisons between our Costco receipts and the receipts from the local Publix Supermarket.

My conclusion is that Costco has significantly lower prices on most food products and household goods. You can save even more money by choosing the Kirkland products which are Costco's in-store brand name.


One downside to shopping at Costco is that the selection of most product types is limited to just a few of the top selling brand names.

I recently read some positive reviews of the Kirkland generic store brand products when compared to the other popular brands.

So on this visit I bought the Kirkland brand laundry detergent, contact lens saline solution, facial tissue, shampoo and the conditioner.

Most of the top brands of each of those product types had prices that were almost double the Kirkland brand. So far, I've found the quality of the Kirkland products to be quite satisfactory.

Kirkland Gallon Milk $3.29
5.26lbs Ground Beef
$2.49/lb = $13.10
On each of the picture pages you'll find some more details about the products, my opinion of the quality, convenience tips, and price comparisons to our local Publix Supermarket.
2 Loaves Organic Whole Weat
Nature's Own Bread $6.29
20Lb Basmati Rice $16.29
12, 6 Ounce Cans
Contadina Tomato Paste $3.99
Another few cons of buying items in bulk at Costco is that you have to store the items somewhere in your house, eat the fresh items before they spoil, pay for the annual membership fee, and most people have to drive much further than they would going to their local supermarket.
Del Monte Tomatoes $4.99
Kirkland Chicken Breasts
Boneless/Skinless $2.79lb
If you have a large family or run a small business, then being a member is definitely worth the $50 to $100 per year fees. I even think the membership is worth it for small families or couples if you buy most of your food staples, personal hygiene products & household maintenance items at costco.

18 Eggs $2.99
Ground Beef In Ziploc Bags
Household Costco Products
Besides the items on this page, Costco also has a nice variety of other products such as home appliances, auto parts, baby products, fragrances, cosmetics, bedding, towels, clothing, books, music CDs, movie DVDs, desktop computers, laptops, home decor, furniture, home electronics, televisions, cameras, apparel, luggage, wine, beer, musical instruments, sports equipment, children's toys, office equipment, pet food, housewares, and jewelry.
Trident Gum 20 Pack $10.49
Cottonelle Wipes $14.99
Kirkland Tissues $13.39
I have yet to try most of these services but Costco has a pharmacy, photo lab, a travel agency, auto loans, travel insurance, event tickets, savings accounts, CD investment accounts, car tire & battery shop, home equity financing, credit card processing, payroll services, credit reports, gas stations, hearing aid centers, optometrists, prepaid express shipping, business insurance and an automobile roadside assistance program.
Bounty Paper Towels $15.99
Charmin Toilet Paper $18.89
Listerine Mouthwash $9.49

Costco has over 500 warehouse locations in 7 countries that include the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea with plans for a few stores in Australia to be opened soon. Most of those warehouses are located in the continental United States.

Kirkland Laundry Detergent $12.99
Kirkland Conditioner $6.99
Kirkland Shampoo $6.99

The total amount for this Costco trip was $245.89. Some of the food staples, household items and personal hygiene products will last us as long as a few months. The other consumables we run out of within a few weeks. I go back to Costco about once every two months or about 6 times per year.

Emergen-C Vitamin Drink $15.49
Kirkland Saline Solution $7.69
Banana Boat SPF 30 $13.99
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