Pictures and prices of the food & household products available at a Costco Wholesale Club warehouse in South Florida.


After trying out all of the different varieties of rice available at the local Publix
supermarket. I decided that Basmati was one of my favorite types because of
it's fast cooking time and neutral taste that goes well with a number of recipes.

So on this Costco trip I picked up a 20 pound bag of Royal brand Basmati Rice
for $16.29 or just $0.81 per lb.

A pound of Whole Grain Brown rice at Publix was $1.59 at one of our last
shopping trips. So buying rice in bulk at Costco costs about half as much.

To keep the rice clean and protected from humidity, I split up the 20lb bag into
several gallon sized Ziploc brand freezer bags.

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