Pictures and prices of the food & household products available at a Costco Wholesale Club warehouse in South Florida.


These two loaves of Nature's Own Organic 24 Grain Whole Wheat bread cost $6.29 or $3.15 per loaf. A similar loaf of multi-grain bread
at our local Publix supermarket costs $3.59 per loaf. So the price difference isn't that significant for this item. The freshly baked bread items
at Costco did seem more inexpensive than at the Publix bakery, but I don't have exact prices to back up that conclusion.

If you don't eat that much bread, I'd recommend just buying it at your local bakery or supermarket rather than making the trip out to Costco.
I usually have to put the second loaf of bread into the refrigerator to prevent mold from developing before we get a chance to eat all of it.

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