Pictures and prices of the food & household products available at a Costco Wholesale Club warehouse in South Florida.


I always pick up a large package of the extra lean ground beef when I'm at Costco.
When I get home, I split up the 5+ pounds of meat into pint or quart size Ziploc
freezer bags and freeze them. Then  we use the meat for a variety of dishes such as
spaghetti sauce, hamburgers, chili, tacos and burritos.

My Publix supermarket receipt doesn't list the per pound price for lean ground beef
but I remember that the package was just over 2 lbs total. So I guesstimate that the
Costco ground beef is about half the price per pound.

This package was a total of $13.10 for 5.26lbs ($2.49 / LB).

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