Pictures and prices of the food & household products available at a Costco Wholesale Club warehouse in South Florida.


We've been buying these Kirkland Signature boneless skinless chicken breasts for so long that I don't have any Publix receipts that
reveal the cost per pound at the supermarket. Since the packages are vacuum sealed, we've never had a problem with freezer burn and the
chicken always tastes great.

The Kirkland 99% fat free chicken breasts come packaged in freezer ready bags that each contain two breasts. Each group of packages
contains 6 individual pouches with 2 breasts for a total of 12 chicken breasts.

Costco charged me $18.19 for the package in the picture above which was $2.79 per pound.

The package says "Leak Resistant Tear-Off Pouches", "Ready To Store", "No Preservatives", and "No Hormones Added".

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