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Hello everyone. My name is Paul B. Michaels. I grew up in New York and then Florida. My family moved to Florida in my early teens since my father wanted to escape the cold NYC winters.

Two of the major shared interests in my family have always been a love of travel and automobiles.

Some of my earliest memories are watching my father work on cars in his automotive repair shop, being at car shows, car races, motorcycle races or playing with a variety of R/C trucks, helicopters and planes.

I also have older brothers who have always been passionate about cars, racing and performing DIY maintenance on our vehicles and homes.

My other long time hobbies and interests include photography and computers.

So in March of 2006, I combined all of my passions to create the Paul's Travel Pictures website.

I really enjoy being able to share our travel experiences with the world.

Plus when we aren't traveling, I love helping my fellow car, truck, motorcycle and SUV owners save money by keeping their beloved vehicles well maintained and running reliably for many years.

Website Owner & Author Contact Information

Please feel free to email me or contact me on YouTube or Twitter.

Email:   Paul@PaulsTravelPictures.com

YouTube:   https://www.YouTube.com/Paul79UF

Twitter:   https://Twitter.com/Michaels79UF


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