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Honda EU3000is Portable Generator Review
A review of the Honda EU3000is "Super Quiet" home & RV portable gasoline fueled electric power generator.

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Honda EU3000is Generator
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$1,853 OTD No Tax
Honda is a brand name that calls to mind words such as power, precision engineering, reliability, economical, low maintenance & user friendly.

In preparation for the 2007 Atlantic Ocean Hurricane Storm Season, which runs from June 1st to November 30th, we purchased a brand new Honda EU3000is gasoline powered electric generator.

The fully enclosed Honda EU3000is generator features "Super Quiet" Inverter Technology which means the raw power from the gasoline engine is processed by a computer microprocessor into a clean stable sine wave of electricity. This is important for anyone who wants to power sensitive electronics such as computers, laptops, stereo receivers, HD Televisions, and TiVo units.

We picked up the Honda EU3000is new during the "no sales tax" Hurricane storm season preparation holiday held from June 1st through the 12th at a store in South Florida.

Exhaust Vents
Backup Manual Recoil Starter
Generator Control Panel

Honda offers four major types of generators including the "Super Quiet" EU Series (1,000 to 6,500 Watts), the Deluxe EM Series (3,800 to 6,500 Watts), the Industrial Series (3,000 to 10,500 Watts), and the no frills Economy Series (2,500 to 5,000 Watts). All of the Honda Generators feature the very reliable GX commercial quality motor with either weight saving CycloConverter CPU power conditioning or traditional Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) power control.

Engine Operation Controls
120V AC Power Outlets
Gas Cap & Fuel Fill Port

For maximum fuel efficiency the Honda EU3000is has an "Eco Throttle" feature that keeps the engine's RPM (rotations per minute) at idle when their is no load, and ramps up the engine speed to precisely power the devices plugged in to the outlets.

According to the brochure, this generator can run from 7.2 to 20 hours, depending on the electrical load, with its 3.4 gallon gas tank.

Other features of the EU3000is include the DC 12V battery charging outlet, optional parallel cable to link two units together for double the power, 23.3 AMP RV outlet and auto tripping circuit protector switches.

Spark Plug Service Cover
Engine Air Filter Box
Paper Air Filter Element

The generator maintenance schedule isn't that demanding and with only occasional use for storm related power outages, most owners won't be doing more than changing the oil and cleaning or replacing the air filter.

For the health of the internal 12V starter motor battery and the carburetor, it is recommended that you use the generator under load for about an hour each month.

I use a Battery Tender Jr. trickle charger to keep the 12 volt lead acid battery in good condition.

It also doesn't hurt to put some STA-BIL fuel stabilizer liquid into the gas tank and any reserve fuel containers so that the gasoline doesn't go stale or gum up in the carburetor.

Engine Oil Service Cover
Engine Oil Fill Port
Engine Oil Dipstick
If the power does fail in my area, I plan on using the Honda generator to power our refrigerator (obviously) and also a TV, DVD player, portable radio, toaster oven, microwave oven, two fans, and to recharge a laptop.

With three thousand watts on tap, that should be no problem for the EU3000is.

The refrigerator will require about 1500-2200 watts of initial starting power and 700 watts of running power.

Just to be safe, I'll be unplugging the refrigerator when using the toaster oven or microwave which require around 1000 watts each.

We opted against having a transfer switch installed to the home's breaker box since the added expense wouldn't be worth it for the limited amount of time the generator will be used.

On/Off Switch & Choke
Blitz 2 Gallon Gasoline Container
Fuel Gauge & Gas Tank
I'll wrap this up by saying that the Honda EU3000is is easy to use, produces little operating noise, seems very well put together, and has the backing of a 2 year warranty from a well known company with a reputation for reliability.

To watch a video clip of the generator engine starting procedure, and hear the noise level at idle and under load, click on the link below.

Honda EU3000is Generator Startup Procedure & Noise Level Video Clip

It's been four years since we purchased the Honda EU3000is and the only maintenance I've performed is to run it once a month and put STA-BIL fuel stabilizer in the tank.

I read the owner's manual and decided that after 24 hours of use in 2 years, it was time to change the oil, clean the air filter and put the battery on a trickle charger.

I created a guide for these procedures on the following page: Honda EU3000is Generator Maintenance Guide.

If you don't need 3000 watts and you'd like to spend less money on a generator, I'd recommend the Honda EU2000i (2000 watts) or the Honda EU1000i (1000 watts).

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