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Culligan US-600A Under Sink Drinking Water Filter Installation Guide
A consumer's review & pictures illustrated instruction guide for how to install a Culligan US-600A under-sink drinking water filter.

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Culligan US-600A $27.75
Filter, Wrench, Tubing
Dishwasher, Hot, Cold Lines
To help improve the taste and odor of the tap water in our home, I decided to install an under-sink drinking water filter.

I chose the Culligan US-600A since I've had good experiences with Culligan products in the past such as the Culligan IC-100 refrigerator icemaker water filter and the Culligan IC-EZ-1 under-sink drinking water faucet filter.

I considered drilling a hole and installing a small drinking water faucet but figured it would be easier just to add an inline filter to the cold water hose under the sink.

The only tool absolutely necessary to install the Culligan US-600A  is a pair of sharp scissors.

You may also need a file for smoothing off the edges of copper pipes (if you have them), a drill for making pilot holes, and a screwdriver for securing the filter housing to the wooden wall of your under-sink area.

Turn Off Cold Water
Cut 3/8" Water Pipe
Push Into "IN" Opening
The first step is to locate your cold water line and turn off the water supply by rotating the valve clockwise until it stops. Verify that the water is turned off by opening the sink's faucet. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the vinyl plastic 3/8" water tubing somewhere in the middle between the valve and the underside of the sink.
Insert Tube Into "OUT"
Culligan-US-600A-Under-Sink-Drinking-Water-Filter-Guide-008 Culligan-US-600A-Under-Sink-Drinking-Water-Filter-Guide-009
Since we plan on moving in about two years, I deviated from the instructions provided with the Culligan US-600A in order to make future removal easier. Instead of attaching each end of the cut water line to the included elbow connectors, I attached the original water supply tube directly into the "IN" side of the filter.
White Elbow Connector
Join Filter OUT & Faucet
Connections Complete

Then I used a short length of the included white tubing and just one of the white elbow connectors to hook up the "OUT" side of the filter to the sink's cold water faucet tube.

By saving the other included white elbow connector, I'll be able to easily remove the water filter and restore the original connection. All that I'll need to do is cut the original grey tube at the "IN" side and the white tube on the "OUT" side of the filter. Then join the two cut ends with the other saved elbow connector.

At our next place two years from now, I can just use two new elbow connectors from Home Depot to install the filter using the already attached old tubes or attempt to cut out the old piping from the IN/OUT holes on the filter's head with a slim X-Acto knife.

Filter Attached To Wall
Turn On Cold Water
Press Red Button, Purge Air
When pushing in the 3/8 inch tubes into the IN/OUT holes of the filter head or into the white elbow connectors, be sure to push hard until you feel the tube slide about a half inch or until it stops. If you see any leaks when you test the filter, try pushing the tubes further in to the compression fittings.

After all the connections have been made, turn on the cold water supply valve and open the cold water faucet. Allow the water to run for at least a few minutes to help flush out any fine charcoal particles from the filter element. I'd also recommend placing a paper towel under the water filter for at least a few days and checking it frequently for any signs of a leak.

Once I was done flushing out the filter, I tasted the water and it had improved considerably. All of the chlorine taste and odor had completely disappeared. I imagine that the filter will also help improve the taste of washed vegetables and cooked pasta.

Check out all of the undersink drinking water filters that are available at Amazon.

Turn On Cold Water Faucet
Flush Out New Filter Element
Paper Towel, Leak Check
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