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Tokoriki Island Resort - Mamanuca Group, Fiji
Pictures, a video clip, & visitor info from a trip to the Tokoriki Island Resort on Tokoriki Island, Fiji, South Pacific.

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Paul B. Michaels
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Fiji Bitter Beer
Tranquil Water Garden
Tokoriki Walking Path
Although we were staying at the neighboring Amunuca Resort, we spent a lot of time enjoying Tokoriki Resort on Tokoriki Island of Fiji.

We found that the Tokoriki restaurant offered a more peaceful and romantic atmosphere compared to Amunuca with similar entree prices.

Another reason we liked taking the hike over to Tokoriki was that they have a "no children under 12" policy, whereas Amunuca is a more family friendly resort.

The room or "bure" rates at Tokoriki Island Resort start at $922 FJD or about $477 USD per night. We paid about $65 USD per night over at Amunuca due to a buy one, get one free special.

Tokoriki is currently running their own specials such as $50 FJD back per night for stays of at least 5 nights.

Tokoriki Beach
Boats & Coral Reef
Rock Formations
Tokoriki Island Resort has twenty six beach bures and eight sunset pool villas with air conditioning, outdoor & indoor showers, mini refrigerators, iron with ironing board, beach mats, fans, safes, outdoor day beds, hairdryers, and robes. We only got a few peeks inside the rooms as the maids were cleaning them with the doors open, but they looked spacious and luxurious.
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-007 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-008
Feral Calico Cat
Tokoriki Infinity Pool
The best part about our time at Tokoriki Resort was the friendly staff that always made us feel very welcome even though we were not staying at the hotel. They seemed to really appreciate us choosing to dine at their restaurant and even allowed us to make reservations for one of their few beachside tables.
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-010 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-011
Tokoriki Restaurant Entrance
Crab Walking On Beach
I checked my old Capital One Visa (no foreign transaction fee) and American Express credit card statements and here are the costs of our meals at Tokoriki (one breakfast, lunches/dinners) in USD: $26.67, $46.75, $42.04, $63.48, and $68.54.
Crab Race
Tokoriki Tote Bag
Some of the features of the Tokoriki Island Resort include a large pool, an elegant restaurant, a bar with lounge area, free use of the hotel's kayaks and snorkel gear, a small library, a small collection of board games, an onsite scuba diving center, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, table tennis, crab races, and the Tokoriki Island Resort Spa.
New Years Eve Balloons
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-017 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-018
New Years Fireworks
For New Year's Eve, we joined the staff and guests at Tokoriki for their celebration including a balloon drop and an elaborate fireworks display. If you plan on staying at Amunuca and visiting Tokoriki, I'd recommend bringing a small flashlight for the walk back at night, especially after a few Fiji Bitter beers.
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-019 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-020 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-021
Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with the level of service at the resort and the excellent dining at the restaurant. We'd love to go back some day and stay at the Tokoriki Resort, but I also wouldn't hesitate to book a week or two at Amunuca and just spend a lot of time at Tokoriki again.
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-022 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-023 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-024
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-025 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-026 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-027

Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-028 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-029 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-030
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-031 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-032 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-033
During our time at Tokoriki, I captured a few short video clips and edited them together into a short movie. To view the video, click on the link below. To download the movie, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Tokoriki Island Resort Video Clip - Mamanuca Group, Fiji

Sun Setting
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-035 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-036
Tasty Tropical Soup
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-037 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-038 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-039
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-040 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-041
Colorful Fiji Sunset
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-043 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-044 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-045
Tableside Lanterns
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-047 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-048
Romantic Sunset Dinner
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-049 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-050 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-051
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-052 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-053 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-054
Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-055 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-056 Tokoriki-Island-Resort-Mamanuca-Group-Fiji-South-Pacific-057
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