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Rainbow Reef Scuba Diving - Taveuni Island, Fiji
Underwater pictures from a scuba diving trip to the Rainbow Reef located near Taveuni Island, Fiji, South Pacific.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
Auto Mechanic Since 1989

Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-001 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-002 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-003
After passing the Jewel Bubble Divers building several times on our way to Prince Charles Beach, we decided to inquire about the price of a scuba diving trip to the nearby Rainbow Reef.

We signed up for the certified 2 tank dive to the Rainbow Reef which costs $120 USD per person and includes all equipment. I'd recommend bringing your own mask, snorkel, and fins.

One of the staff members came to pick us up the next morning in front of our Honeymoon Cottage at Bibi's Hideaway and took us down the street to the Jewel Bubble Divers building.

We put on the provided wetsuits, quickly reviewed the use of their equipment, and boarded the boat.

During the short 15-20 minute trip to the first dive site, the group spotted a "pod" of dolphins swimming next to the boat.

Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-004 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-005 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-006
I believe that the two dive sites we visited were named "Kona" and "Sam's Point". In between the two dives, we were taken to a private beach for some relaxation, refreshments and snacks. Some of the other dive sites that Jewel Bubble Divers frequents include Rainbow City, Purple Wall, The Zoo, Yellow tunnel, Great White Wall, Annie's Bommies, Yellow Tunnel, Cabbage Patch, Blue Ribbon Reef, The Ledge, Three Sisters, Small White Wall, Fish Patch, Barracuda Point, Fish Factory, Eddie's Reef.
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-007 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-008 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-009
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-010 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-011 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-012
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-013 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-014 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-015
I placed some of the better pictures from the two dives at the beginning of this gallery. These were taken with a Canon SD700 IS compact digital camera in a Canon underwater case without any external flash unit or light. In person, the colors of the fish and the coral at the rainbow reef were much more vibrant. We dove down to a maximum depth of 70 feet (21 meters) so most of the colors were filtered out.
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-016 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-017 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-018
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-019 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-020 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-021
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-022 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-023 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-024

Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-025 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-026 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-027
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-028 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-029 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-030
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-031 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-032 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-033
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-034 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-035 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-036
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-037 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-038 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-039
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-040 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-041 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-042
Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-043 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-044 Rainbow-Reef-Scuba-Diving-Taveuni-Fiji-045

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