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Tavoro Waterfalls Walk - Bouma Park - Taveuni, Fiji
Pictures, a video clip & visitor info from the Tavoro River Waterfalls hike in Bouma National Park, Taveuni, Fiji.

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Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-001 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-002 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-003
The Tavoro River Waterfalls hike is one of the most popular attractions at Bouma National Heritage Park located on Taveuni Island, Fiji.

We took about an hour long taxi ride from our honeymoon cottage at Bibi's Hideaway to reach Bouma National Park. The total cost of the round trip taxi ride including the several hours that he waited for us was $60 FJD (~$30 USD).

Before the beginning of the Tavoro Waterfalls walk, there was a small visitor's center where we signed in and paid the $8 FJD ($4 USD) per person entrance fee.

There are three waterfalls on this three hour hike and the first one is perfect for swimming, so we wore our swimsuits. The 1st waterfall has been featured in the movie "Return To The Blue Lagoon" along with various magazines and advertisements.

Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-004 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-005 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-006
It takes about ten minutes to reach the first waterfall, forty minutes to the middle falls, and seventy minutes to the upper falls. The difficulty of the path increases with each waterfall from an easy walk to the first one to a fairly strenuous hike to reach the third falls.
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-007 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-008 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-009

Along the way we saw a variety of colorful tropical flowers, toads, frogs, birds, blue-tailed skinks, golden orb weaver (banana) spiders, and bright purple crabs. We dubbed the purple crabs "the guardians of the path" because they wouldn't move out of the way as we approached. They would reach up with their claws to grab our feet as we jumped over them to continue walking.

Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-010 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-011
Beginning of Path
Purple & Yellow Flower
Red Flower
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-016 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-017 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-018
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-019 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-020 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-021
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-022 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-023 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-024
White & Purple Flower

Toad In Water
Toad On Rock
Changing Room & Bathroom
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-029 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-030
First Waterfall
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-032 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-033
Swimming Under Waterfall
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-035 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-036
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-037 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-038 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-039
Steep Climb

During the Tavoro Waterfalls hike I captured a few video clips and edited them together into a short movie. To view the video clip, click on the blue link below. To download the file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Tavoro River Waterfalls Walk Video Clip - Bouma National Park, Taveuni Island, Fiji
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-040 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-041 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-042
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-043 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-044 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-045
Pacific Ocean
Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-047 Tavoro-River-Waterfalls-Bouma-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-048

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