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Novotel Namaka Hill Hotel - Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji
Pictures and a traveler's review from a stay at the Novotel Hotel located at Namaka Hill near Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji.

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Paul B. Michaels
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After enjoying eight great nights at the Amunuca Resort on Tokoriki Island, we took the South Sea Cruises ferry back to the main island of Viti Levu.

We had to wait several days for our next flight from the Nadi (NAN) airport to Auckland (AKL), New Zealand.

January must be one of the low seasons in Fiji, because I was able to book a standard room at the Novotel Namaka Hill hotel for just $48.90 per night.

When we checked in, the woman at the front desk was nice enough to upgrade us to a "Deluxe" room with more space and vaulted ceilings.

Our room had a nice view of the Novotel Hotel golf course, a patio, a comfortable couch, a desk, LCD TV, a king size bed, a mini fridge, and wired internet access (surcharge).

Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-004 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-005 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-006
The Novotel Namaka Hill hotel has 127 rooms, expansive gardens, an onsite restaurant, the Talei Bar, WiFi internet access in the public areas (extra surcharge per hour and data amount), a fitness center, an outdoor unheated pool, massage services, an outdoor tennis court, several gift & snack shops, room service, a 9 hole golf course, and 24 hour security staff.
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-007 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-008 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-009
Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at the Novotel Namaka Hill hotel especially at the bargain price of about $50 per night. It's a bargain even at the normal rates of $75 and up. The room was comfortable and all of the staff were very pleasant.
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-010 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-011 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-012
Another reason that I chose the Novotel was that it's on AT&T's Premiere WiFi internet service's list of participating hotels. Unfortunately, there was no way for an ATT WiFi customer to log in to the hotel's wired or wireless internet service. I called AT&T WiFi tech support using Skype while paying per minute and megabyte for the hotel's internet connection only to have them tell me that "there should be a way to log in". I had the same problem with the AT&T WiFi service at a Mercure Hotel in Auckland and an Ibis Novotel hotel in Ellerslie (South Auckland).
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-013 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-014 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-015
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Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-022 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-023 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-024
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-025 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-026 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-027
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-028 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-029 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-030
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-031 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-032 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-033
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-034 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-035 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-036
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-037 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-038 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-039
Since we were staying at the Novotel for four nights, we bought some food and snacks at the local grocery store so as to not be totally dependent on the hotel for our meals. We also bought a small bottle of laundry detergent to wash some of our clothes in the bath tub in preparation for departing to New Zealand. Budget travel isn't always glamorous.
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-040 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-041 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-042
Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-043 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-044 Novotel-Hotel-Review-Namaka-Hill-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-045

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