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Fiji Islands Aerial Photos - Nadi, Taveuni & Savusavu
Aerial pictures of Fiji taken on several small airplane flights between the Nadi (NAN), Taveuni (TVU) & Savusavu (SVU) airports.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
Auto Mechanic Since 1989

Nadi NAN Airport
Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-003 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-004
Viti Levu Island
On our first visit to Fiji, we flew in to Nadi airport before dawn, took a boat to the Amunuca Resort, and then later flew out of the country in the dark of night.

So we never got a chance to see what this tropical island nation looked like from the air.

When we went back to visit Taveuni Island, we took three separate low altitude flights on small airplanes that afforded us the great views of the Fijian landscapes that you'll see in this gallery.

Images 1 through 21 below are from our first flight from Nadi (NAN) to Taveuni Island (TVU).

The other 57 aerial pictures are from the final two flights from Taveuni to Savusavu and SVU to Nadi International Airport.

Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-005 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-006 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-007
Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-008 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-010
Coral Reefs Off Coast
Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-012 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-013 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-014
Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-015 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-016
Rugged Mountainous Terrain
Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-018 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-019 Fiji-Flight-1-Nadi-NAN-To-Taveuni-Island-TUV-020
Taveuni Island
Landing At TVU
2nd Flight - TVU, SVU, NAN
Taking Off From TVU

Matei Town
Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-004 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-005
Please note - I made a mistake naming the files from our last two flights. The picture file names and pages are incorrectly marked as "Suva" (SUV) on Viti Levu. They should be Savusavu (SVU) on Vanua Levu instead.
Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-006 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-007 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-008
Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-009 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-010 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-011
Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-012 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-013 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-014
Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-015 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-016
Taveuni Island Coral Reefs
Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-018 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-019 Fiji-Flight-2-Taveuni-TUV-Suva-SUV-Nadi-NAN-020

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