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Garden of the Sleeping Giant - Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor info from a trip to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant near Nadi on Viti Levu, Fiji.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
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Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-001 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-002
Two Birds In Tree
Garden Walkway
After spending eight great nights at the Amunuca Resort on Tokoriki Island, we returned back to the main island of Viti Levu to wait for our next flight a few days later.

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant was on our short list of attractions that we wanted to visit before departing Fiji.

To get to the garden, we took a short 10-15 minute taxi ride from the Novotel Namaka Hill hotel at a cost of about $30 FJD ($15 USD).

The taxi driver claimed that there was no transportation in the area, so I agreed to pay him another $30 FJD to wait and give us a ride back to the hotel.

A pleasant Fijian woman greeted us at the entrance to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant and I paid the $14 FJD ($7 USD) per person admission price.

Stairs To Gardens
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-005 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-006
The Garden of the Sleeping Giant was founded by Raymond Burr in 1977 as a place to keep his own private collection of orchids. Now it is the largest collection of orchids in Fiji and conveniently located on Wailoko Rd. just over six kilometers from the Nadi (NAN) international airport. Raymond Burr is best known for being the star of the popular TV series "Perry Mason" and the movie "Ironside". Visitors are welcome Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-007 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-008 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-009
Orange/Yellow Heliconia
We spent a little over an hour walking around the orchid display areas, the greenhouse, the mountain valley full of flowering plants, the tropical jungle and admiring the picturesque lily ponds.
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-010 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-011 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-012
After exploring every part of the garden, we headed back to the main house to enjoy the free tropical fruit juice drink included with the admission price.
Yellow/White Lily
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-014 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-015
So if you've got a few days or just a few hours to pass before your boat ride or flight, I'd highly recommend visiting The Garden of the Sleeping Giant.
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-017 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-018
During our visit, I captured a few short video clips and later edited them together into a short movie. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Garden of the Sleeping Giant Video Clip - Viti Levu, Fiji

Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-019 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-020 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-021
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-022 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-023 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-024

Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-025 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-026 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-027
Large Water Toad
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-029 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-030
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-031 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-032 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-033
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-034 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-035 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-036
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-037 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-038 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-039
Red Heliconia Plant
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-040 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-041 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-042
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-043 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-044 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-045
Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-046 Garden-of-the-Sleeping-Giant-Nadi-Viti-Levu-Fiji-047
Bird on Banana Bunch

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