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Port Denarau Marina - Viti Levu, Fiji, South Pacific
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to the Port Denarau Marina & Retail Shopping Center on Viti Levu, Fiji.

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Port Denarau Parking Lot
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-002 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-003
Like many visitors to Fiji, we arrived at the Nadi (pronounced "Nandi") airport and went directly to Port Denarau.

The twenty minute taxi ride from the "NAN" airport to Denarau Island cost about 30 FJD or $15 USD.

We were almost two hours early for our ride on the South Sea Cruises ferry boat to the Amunuca Resort on Tokoriki Island.

To pass the time, we walked around the Port Denarau outdoor mall to check out the shops and restaurants.

Some of the stores located here include Dahia Shoes, Jacks of Fiji, Liquid Culture, Jewels Fiji, Cloudbreak, Oasis Beauty, Adrenalin Fiji, Island Artifacts, Westpac Bank, City Forex Money Exchange, Yees Express Mart Groceries, Post Fiji, Tradewinds Marine, Waitui Surf, and Budget Car Rental.

Port Denarau Marina
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-005 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-006
South Sea Cruises Boat
It was too early for any of the restaurants to be open, so we bought some snacks at the Yees Xpressmart. Some of the other places to grab a bite at Port Denarau are the Hard Rock Cafe Fiji, Cardo's Steak House, Kebab King, Biloccino Coffe Lounge, Amalfi Italian Restaurant, Chefs Restaurant, N.Z. Natural Ice Cream, Indigo Indian Restaurant, Mama's Pizza, Chicken Express, Hot Bread Kitchen, and the Wyndham Resort Restaurant.
Fijian Sunrise
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-008 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-009
For those people who'd rather stay close to the airport, there are several luxury accommodations on Denarau Island including the Sheraton Villas, Sofitel Fiji Resort, Radisson Resort Fiji, Golf Terrace Apartments, Westin Denarau, and Sheraton Fiji Resort.
Captain Cook Cruises
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-011 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-012
Mamanuca & Yasawa
Golfers passing through Port Denarau Marina will certainly want to come back and experience the par 72 professional 18 hole golf course at the Denarau Golf & Racquet Club.
Travel Times To Islands
Fiji Islands Map
Fiji's Finest Tours
Another thing we did to pass time was to study the map of the Fiji Islands and the time it takes to reach each destination. We were headed to the Amunuca Island Resort located on Tokoriki Island about two hours away from Port Denarau by boat. If you have the money, there's always the option to skip the long boat ride and take a quick 15-20 minute helicopter ride out to the island of your choice.
Yees Xpressmart Store
Denarau Central Courtyard
Hard Rock Cafe Fiji
The total cost of our resort connection transfers with South Sea Cruises was $440 FJD or about $220 USD round trip ($120 USD per person). Taking a helicopter transfer with a company such as Island Hoppers can cost anywhere from about $200 to $300 USD per person. We'd like to go back to Tokoriki Island in the future and stay at the Tokoriki resort located a short walk from Amunuca Resort.
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-019 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-020 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-021
Post Fiji Office
Wai Tui
Denarau Island Homes

Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-025 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-026
Denarau Island Residences
Multi Hull Sailboat
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-029 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-030
Port Denarau Boardwalk
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-031 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-032 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-033
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-034 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-035
The Yacht Shop
Denarau Real Estate Office
2 Bedroom - FJD $635K
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-038 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-039
Denarau Store Directory
Marina & Pier
Awesome Adventures
South Sea Cruises Ferry
Departing Denarau Marina
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-044 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-045
Sailboats & Yachts
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-046 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-047
New Homes Being Built
Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-049 Port-Denarau-Marina-Viti-Levu-Fiji-050
Leaving Denarau Harbor
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