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Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Hindu Temple - Nadi, Fiji
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Hindu Temple in Nadi Town, Fiji.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
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Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-001 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-002 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-003
The Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple was the second of the two must-see attractions on the Nadi island of Fiji that we wanted to visit besides the beautiful Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

This ornate and colorful Hindu temple is located at the far southern end of Main Street in Nadi town.

We took a taxi from the Novotel Namaka Hill hotel to reach the temple and paid $15 FJD each way and another $15 FJD to let us explore the shops of Nadi town for an hour. The total cost of the excursion was about $23 USD.

After exiting the taxi, a man greeted us and briefly informed us of the temple rules. We had to take off our shoes and place them on a rack. Then we had to pay $3.50 FJD per person at the temple manager's window.

Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-004 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-005 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-006
The temple guide led us to the beginning of the path and said that we were asked to only walk around the temple in a clockwise direction. The sign with the list of rules mentioned that photography was not permitted inside the temple, so I figured that it was allowed while walking around the outside.
Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-007 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-008 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-009
We were lucky enough to visit while an artist was painting (or re-painting) an intricate mural on the ceiling of the temple. Most of the paintings and wooden carvings are of various Hindu deities and the Hindu Lord Shiva's various forms.
Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-010 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-011 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-012
The Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami is the largest Hindu temple in the Southern hemisphere. Some of the festivals or events that take place at the temple include Karthingai Puja (every month), Thai Pusam (every January), and Panguni Uthiram Thiru-Naal (every April). Visitors are welcome to the temple Monday through Sunday from 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM.
Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-013 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-014 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-015
Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-016 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-017 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-018
Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-019 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-020 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-021
Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-022 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-023 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-024
Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-025 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-026 Sri-Siva-Subramaniya-Swami-Temple-Nadi-Fiji-027
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