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UF Gators Vs. USF Bulls 2010 - Gainesville, FL
Pictures, a video clip, & game recap from the UF Gators Vs. USF Bulls college football game on 9-11-10 in Gainesville, FL

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Walking To Stadium
The Swamp
USF Cheerleaders
The University of Florida Gators took on the University of South Florida Bulls for the first time ever today at 12:30 PM in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (A.K.A. "The Swamp") located in Gainesville, FL.

We left the game at half time to seek some relief from the heat when the score was tied at 7 to 7. The TV announcer later said that it was the hottest day in record at Florida Field with a "feels like" temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

The final score of the game was 38 to 14 with UF taking the win over USF, which extended the Gators' home game winning streak to twenty two games.

Some of the notable Gators players of the game include Jordan Reed (touchdown), Mike Gillislee (touchdown), Carl Moore (touchdown), Deonte Thompson (five receptions), and Jeff Demps (139 yards).

UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-004 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-005 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-006
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-007 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-008 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-009
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-010 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-011 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-012
Albert & Alberta
Gator Mascots
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-014 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-015
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-016 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-017 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-018
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-019 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-020 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-021
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-022 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-023 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-024

UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-025 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-026 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-027
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-028 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-029 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-030
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-031 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-032 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-033
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-034 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-035 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-036
During this University of Florida game, I captured a few short video clips with my Canon S5 IS digital camera and later edited them together into a short movie. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the file, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

UF Gators Vs. USF Bulls Video Clip - Gainesville, FL

UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-037 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-038 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-039
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-040 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-041 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-042
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-043 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-044
Tied At 7 to 7
Half Time
UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-047 UF-Gators-Vs-USF-Bulls-Gainesville-FL-048
Midtown Bars
Gator City, XS, Grog
Balls, Salty Dog
The Swamp Restaurant
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