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SW 34th Street Graffiti Wall - Gainesville, FL
Pictures of the artwork, memorials, tributes and other messages on the 34th Street Graffiti Wall in Gainesville, FL.

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One of Gainesville's most recognizable landmarks is the 1120 foot long 34th Street Graffiti wall that borders the University of Florida Golf Course.

We drove past the 34th St. Graffiti Wall during our last visit to Gainesville for the UF Vs. UM football game.

I set my camera to the "continuous" mode and captured all these images of the artwork, murals, dedications, memorials, shout outs, marriage proposals, birthday wishes, graduation announcements, promotional messages, public service announcements and other notices that appear on the wall.

The structure was originally built as a retaining wall for the golf course back in 1979. It has recently been called a "concrete blog" for the city. Although painting on the wall is technically illegal, it has been overlooked for decades.




SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-007 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-008 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-009
SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-010 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-011 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-012

SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-013 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-014 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-015
SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-016 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-017 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-018
SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-019 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-020 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-021
SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-022 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-023 SW-34th-Street-Graffiti-Wall-Gainesville-FL-024

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