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Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
Pictures and information from the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens located in Gainesville, FL.

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Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
Hours of Operation Sign
Jacobson Family Garden
The Kanapaha Botanical Gardens are located at 4700 SW 58th Dr. in Gainesville FL 32608. You can visit Monday through Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00am till 5:00pm. The gardens are also open weekends from 9am till dusk.

Entrance to the gardens costs $5.00 for adults or you can become a member for $25-35 and visit as often as you like.

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens covers over 60 acres of pristine land in Alachua County close to Lake Kanapaha.

Some of the botanic collections you can enjoy on your visit include the Hummingbird Garden, Bamboo Garden, Rock Garden, Herb Garden, Butterfly Garden, and the Rose Garden.

If you're looking for a place to have your wedding, or other ceremony, consider renting the Kanapaha grounds.

Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-004 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-005
Carnivorous Plants
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-007 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-008 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-009
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-010 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-011
Lady Palm
Japanese Bonsai Tree
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-013 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-014
Dwarf Yaupon Holly
Wildlife Preserve Notice
Giraffe Knee
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-017 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-018
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-019 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-020 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-021
Giant Taro Plant
Turf Lily, Liriope
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-023 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-024
Spider & Web
Marbled Snake Arum
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-026 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-027

Alligators In Water Garden
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-029 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-030
Horsetail Scouring Rush
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-031 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-032 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-033
Buddha's Belly Bamboo
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-034 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-035
Lizard On Rock
Bailey Red Flowers
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-037 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-038 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-039
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-040 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-041 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-042
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-043 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-044 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-045
Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-046 Kanapaha-Botanical-Gardens-047
Miss Atwood

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