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Gainesville Raceway Drag Racing
Pictures and a video clip of a day of drag racing at the Gainesville Raceway track in Alachua County Florida.

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Gainesville Raceway Strip
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-002 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-003
My brother and a few of his motor sports enthusiast buddies pooled some money together to rent out the Gainesville Raceway for 4 hours of friendly drag racing on a partly cloudy Saturday morning.

Gainesville Raceway is located at 11211 N. County Rd. 225, Gainesville, FL 32609. The track management's phone # is 352-377-0046.

This quarter mile drag strip track is NHRA approved (National Hot Rod Association) and home to the GatorNationals event.

Gainesville Raceway also holds a weekly "Test & Tune" session and a Summit Racing Series event.

Some of the racing classes that run at Gainesville Raceway include JR Dragster, True Street, Fast Trophy, Pro Cycle, Street Cycle, Street Legal Drags, Street Sportsman, & Sport Compact.

Pontiac Trans Am LS1
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-005 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-006
1970 Chevy Nova SS
Nitrous Oxide Bottle
Chevy Monte Carlo
NOS Bottle & Fuel Cell
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-010 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-011
Ford Mustang GT SVT
Pontiac Trans Am LS1
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-014 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-015
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-016 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-017 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-018
Pontiac Firebird V8
Chevy Nova Burnout
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-020 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-021
1979 Nova Vs Trans Am
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-022 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-023 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-024
Mustang Vs Mustang
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-025 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-026 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-027
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-028 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-029 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-030
Ford F150 Lightning Truck
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-031 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-032 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-033
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-034 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-035 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-036
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-037 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-038 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-039
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-040 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-041 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-042

Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-043 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-044 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-045
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-046 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-047 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-048
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-049 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-050 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-051
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-052 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-053 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-054
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
Icing Down Eaton M-90

Above you'll see my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L S/C four door sedan with the Eaton M90 supercharger getting iced down.

For the drag strip, I also remove the driver's side headlight to allow more air to flow into the CAI (cold air intake).

Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-058 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-059 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-060
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-061 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-062
Mustang Burnout
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-064 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-065 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-066
2000 Yamaha YZF R6
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-068 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-069
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-070 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-071
R6 Sportbike Motorcycle
Unfortunately, my 2000 Yamaha YZF R6 bike had recently developed the infamous 2nd gear slip so my times were a bit slow.

It was still a lot of fun to run my motorcycle at the track for the first time.

But I'd choose riding a twisty road over drag racing anytime. Two of my favorite riding areas are the Tail of the Dragon @ Deals Gap and W. Ozello Trail @ Crystal River, FL.

YZF-R6 12.22 1/4 Mile
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-074 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-075

To see a short movie from our day of drag racing at the Gainesville Raceway, left click on the link below or right click and choose "Save Target As" to download it to your hard drive.

The video is encoded in the Windows Media (.WMV) format, runs about 2 minutes long and has a file size of 12 megabytes.

Gainesville Raceway Drag Racing Video Clip
'00 Yamaha R6 11.84 1/4 Mi.
Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-077 Gainesville-Raceway-Drag-Racing-FL-078
To see more motor sports action check out my other updates including the Fun Ford Weekend @ Gainesville Raceway, the South Florida International Auto Show, NOPI Nationals @ Atlanta Motor Speedway, and the NSRA Sportbike Stunt Show.

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