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Devil's Millhopper State Geological Park
Pictures and a video from the natural sinkhole located in Gainesville Florida known as Devil's Millhopper.

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Devil's Millhopper Sign
National Gold Medal Winner
Parking & Picnic Area
During my trip to Gainesville Florida in May of 2006, I visited the Devil's Millhopper State Geological Park. This park was created around a large natural sinkhole that was created when the roof of an underground cavern collapsed.

Devil's Millhopper received it's name in the mid 1800's and it represents how the 120 foot deep sinkhole is bowl shaped like a Mill's Hopper that is used to grind materials.

In 1976 the National Park Service, which is part of the United States Department of Interior, designated Devil's Millhopper to be a Registered Natural Landmark.

They deemed that Devil's Millhopper possessed exceptional value as an illustration of the nation's natural heritage and helps us to ascertain a better understanding of man's environment.

Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-04 Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-05
Park Ranger Station
Sinkhole Information Sign
Devil's Millhopper State Geological Park is located on 53rd street, which is also known as "232" or Millhopper Rd., in Gainesville FL.

As you drive into the park you can see that there is gravel road that leads to the ranger's residence in a nearby neighborhood.

I also noticed a sign that proudly proclaimed Devil's Millhopper State Geological Park as being a National Gold Medal Winner from the Florida State Parks organization.

Sinkhole Formation Process
Fossil Records Sign

Before parking your car, you pass by a collection post with envelopes to hold your $2.00 per vehicle entrance fee.

The grassy area that the parking spaces surround contains a few picnic tables where visitors can rest or enjoy a meal in the outdoors.

At the ranger station you can pick up a variety of pamphlets about Devil's Millhopper and other Florida state parks.

On the back side of the station there is an informational movie viewing area where a push of a button starts the Devil's Millhopper documentary film.

Beginning of Trail
Informational Video Pavilion
Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-13 Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-14 Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-15
Rim of Devil's Millhopper

Around the entire circumference of Devil's Mill Hopper there is a wooden safety fence to prevent anyone from tumbling down the natural sinkhole. You can walk around the sinkhole and take in the scenic views or walk 120 feet down the wooden stairs.

Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-16 Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-17 Devils-Millhopper-Gainesville-18
Registered Natural Landmark
Devil's Millhopper Video Clip - See & Hear The Sinkhole!


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