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Jennings GP Track Day 2004
Pictures from my track day at the Jennings GP motorcycle race track in Jennings Florida.

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Jennings-GP-Track-Day-001 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-002 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-002a
These pictures are from my second trip to the motorcycle only race track in Jennings Florida. The track is appropriately named "Jennings GP" and has two miles of twisted asphalt with 14 titillating turns and plenty of run off room (that comes in handy later, stay tuned). (Pictures of my first track day at Jennings.)

Track days at Jennings GP in North Florida cost about $125 or just $99.00 for a Monday track day.

Bike preparation for the track is simple since a track day is just practice so the rules are more lax than a CCS or AMA event.

All that's required is that you cover lights with duct tape or signals, remove your mirrors, have decent tires, and replace your coolant with distilled water.

Then you need your safety gear including gloves, a DOT/SNELL approved helmet, boots, and full track suit.



Pictures By "Photo One"

Jennings-GP-Track-Day-006 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-007
Dragging My Knee
A day at the track has so many advantages over street riding including the lack of cops, traffic, debris and wild animals.

Plus a track day gives you the confidence to perform one of the most sought after motorcycling experiences, which is dragging your knee around a corner.

Knowing that you have plenty of soft grassy run off room, and that an ambulance with trained paramedics is only a few seconds away lets you ride close to your maximum ability.

Jennings-GP-Track-Day-009 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-010 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-011

Jennings-GP-Track-Day-012 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-013
My Metzeler M1 Tires Gripping
Near the end of the day, after I had been around the track many times, I began to get a bit tired and sloppy.

Redlining down the front straight, I approached turn one too hot and I didn't think that I would pull off the turn.

I straightened the bike up and applied the brakes full force until I reached the grass where I had to let off or face an immediate wipe out. I dragged my feet in the dirt but couldn't scrub off enough speed and had to jump the sand bunker motocross dirt bike style into the forest.

Luckily, when I flew through the trees like Superman, I missed the trees and sustained no injuries.

My Metzeler tires were still gripping perfectly, so that wasn't a problem.

I should have just leaned over and trusted my bike to make it through the turn.

139MPH Front Straight
Dragging Knees
Pit Neighbors

Besides being a bit dizzy, I was feeling great.

My beloved 2000 Yamaha YZF R6 unfortunately, had a broken windscreen, rashed up plastics, and a bent handlebar clip on.

My Shoei RF-900 helmet also suffered some scrapes and a small crack.

There was only one session left in the day so I sucked it up, brushed the dirt off the bike, and went back out for a few laps.

A few cautious laps. One crash a day is enough.

Broken Windscreen
Jennings-GP-Track-Day-019 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-020
Minor Fairing Damage
Bent Clip-On
Rashed Helmet
Cracked Shoei RF-900
Jennings-GP-Track-Day-024 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-025 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-026
Girls Can Ride Too
To watch a lap around the Jennings GP track from my tank mounted camcorder, click on the link below.
Jennings GP Track Day On-Board Video Clip 2004

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