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Jennings GP Track Day 2003
Pictures from my first time at the Jennings GP motorcycle only race track in North Florida.

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Jennings-GP-Track-Day-2003-01 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-2003-02
New Metzeler M1 Tires
When I heard that a new motorcycle only race track was opening up in North Florida, I knew I had to round up some of my biker buddies and go check it out for a track day.

This would be my third track day.  My first and second track days were at the Homestead Motorsports Complex in Miami Florida.

The Homestead course is also a NASCAR circuit and I was anxious to ride on a track created for and by sportbike motorcycle riders.

The pics above are just the "before" pictures I like to take of my new tires before all those high speed laps.

For the Homestead track I had Dunlop D207 tires, which were the OEM stock tires on my 2000 Yamaha YZF-R6, and they performed decently.

But after those two sets, I switched to the softer and stickier Metzeler M1 Sportec tires.


Track Day Prepped


2000 Yamaha YZF R6


Taped Headlights

The bike preparation for a Jennings GP track day was relatively easy.

All they required was that the mirrors be removed, the lights/signals are covered in duct tape, and the coolant mix replaced with pure distilled water.

The mirrors need to be removed so that you don't "ride in your mirrors" and wreck.

At a track day, you only have to worry about what is in front of you.

The person behind you is held responsible for only making safe passes and not making contact with you.

They ask that you tape up all your lights so that if your bike does hit the asphalt it won't send shards of glass or plastic across the race line.

Finally, they request that the coolant be flushed out and replaced with 100% distilled water because coolant is very slippery and could be disastrous if you leak it on the track.

Jennings GP Track
Jennings-GP-Track-Day-2003-08 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-2003-09

Above you'll see the only pictures I took of the track. It had only been open a short while so the pit areas were mostly grass or dirt with tiny concrete pads.

But the 2 miles and 14 turns of the race track itself were technically challenging and tons of fun to ride.

If you're a track day junkie, I highly recommend you sign up.

Jennings-GP-Track-Day-2003-10 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-2003-11 Jennings-GP-Track-Day-2003-12
Finally we have the after pictures of my Metzeler M-1 Sportec tires.

I wasn't too impressed with the tires after my track day at Jennings GP.

The JGP track is slower and more technical than the balls to the wall Homestead track which has high banked NASCAR turns.

My tires after Homestead were blued with tons of balled up rubber at the edges. To see pictures of my second track day at Jennings GP with action shots by Photo One, click here.

Scuffed Metzeler M1s
No Chicken Strips
To watch my first laps around the Jennings GP motorcycle race track, click on the link below.
Jennings GP Track Day On-Board Video 2003

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