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Lake Alice Pictures - May 2006
A photo album from our visit to Lake Alice located on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville Florida.

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Lake Alice
Baughman Center
These pictures are from my visit in May 2006 to Lake Alice, located on the University of Florida campus.

I also took a few pictures during my visit to Lake Alice in March 2005.

This time I was able to photograph a baby alligator, an adult alligator (from far away) and a group of snapping turtles.

As I mentioned in my previous update, Lake Alice is a protected wildlife preserve that is watched over by an group of environmentalists known as the "Friends of Alice".

My last visit to Lake Alice was during March when it was still relatively cold in Gainesville.

During this visit in May the sun was beating down on the lake and I saw much more activity from the creatures that call the area home.

Baby Alligator
Snapping Turtle
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-07 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-08 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-09
Baby Alligator Video - Lake Alice, May 2006
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-10 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-11 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-12

Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-13 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-14 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-15
Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-16 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-17 Lake-Alice-Gainesville-2006-18

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