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UF Gators Vs. Miami Ohio Redhawks 2010
Pictures, a video clip, & a brief game recap from the UF Gators Vs. Miami Ohio Redhawks football game on 9-4-10.

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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-002 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-003
90,000+ Gator Fans
Today was the first game of the 2010 college football season for the University of Florida Gators.

They played against the Miami University Redhawks (from Oxford, Ohio) at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium A.K.A. "The Swamp".

We got to the game just after the start at 12 noon and hiked up to our seats all the way in the 88th row (the nose bleed section) on the 50 yard line.

The pungent aroma of team spirit and thousands of perspiring students was in the air as the Gators got off to a slow start but then emerged victorious with a final score of 34 to 12.

Some of the notable players of the game included junior quarterback John Brantley (two touchdown passes), junior cornerback Janoris Jenkins (interception & touchdown), wide receiver Omarius Hines (touchdown), and Trey Burton (touchdown).

UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-004 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-005 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-006
Next weekend the Gators will go up against the University of South Florida Bulls from Tampa on Saturday September 11th at 12:21 PM. The game will be broadcast on the SEC Network.
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-007 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-008 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-009
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-010 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-011 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-012
During this University of Florida game, I captured a few short video clips with my Canon S5 IS "superzoom" camera and edited them together into a short movie. Click on the blue link below to view the video. To download the file, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

UF Gators Vs. Miami Ohio Redhawks Video Clip

UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-013 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-014 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-015
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-016 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-017 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-018

UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-019 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-020 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-021
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-022 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-023 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-024
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-025 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-026 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-027
Gators 20 - Redhawks 3
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-028 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-029
UF Cheerleaders
Beach Balls
UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-032 UF-Gators-Vs-Miami-Ohio-Redhawks-Gainesville-FL-033
UF Marching Band
We left the University of Florida game at half time and headed out to the lively midtown area packed with bars and clubs such as Gator City, XS, Grog House, Balls, Salty Dog Saloon, The Swamp, and Copper Monkey.
Half Time Show
Color Guard - Flag Girls
Midtown Bars & Clubs
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