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How To Reattach Car Door Molding Trim With 3M Tape
A photo illustrated guide to reattaching plastic automotive door molding or body trim with 3M double sided tape.

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Molding Hanging Off
GM '01 Pontiac Grand Prix
Old Double Sided Tape
After nearly 10 years of repeatedly shutting the driver's door on my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix, the vinyl molding trim piece at the bottom of the door started to come loose.

It seems that the plastic clips or rivets behind the panel had broken and the double sided tape had lost its adhesive ability.

I used a piece of silver duct tape, which conveniently matches my car's paint color, to hold up the panel for the trip to Advance Auto Parts to buy some 3M Super Strong Molding Tape.

In order for the new 3M double sided tape to securely hold up the door molding, I needed to remove the old tape and thoroughly clean all the surfaces.

I generously sprayed "Goo Gone" adhesive remover to make the old tape easier to scrape off from the car and the trim.

Reattach-Automotive-Door-Molding-Trim-004 Reattach-Automotive-Door-Molding-Trim-005
Goo Gone
3M Super Strong Tape
To access the old double sided tape, I gently pulled off the entire vinyl door molding trim piece at the bottom of my driver's door.

Underneath, I could see the metal bar that used to be securely attached with plastic clips or rivets to the body of the car and glued to the door molding.

There was also a long strip of old double sided tape along the entire length of the top area where the molding piece meets with the car door.

Door Moulding Removed
Cleaning Trim In Bathtub
Spray On Goo Gone
I took the door molding to the bath tub to wash it off and clean off any adhesive or road grime with the Goo Gone solution.

Then I sprayed the old double sided tape on the car door with a generous amount of Goo Gone and let it sit for a few minutes to give it some time to work.

Old Tape Removed
Clean With Alcohol
Scraping Off Old Tape
It took about half an hour for me to carefully scrape off the old double sided tape from the door with an interior car door panel pulling tool.

Any other flat and relatively dull tool such as a paint or ice scraper would also work well.

Try to not scratch the paint above the line where the door molding attaches to the door panel.

To finish the surface preparation, I wiped everything down with alcohol and allowed them to air dry.


Double Sided Tape Off
Car Door Paint Cleaned
Metal Piece Taped
Since the metal bar below the door molding piece was barely hanging on to the car, I placed two pieces of the 3M double sided tape underneath the bar.

Then I pushed on the metal bar and held it for 30 seconds to ensure a good bond.

Apply 3M Tape
Remove Tape Backing
I applied a long piece of new 3M tape along the top area where the molding attaches to the car and also a few pieces on the outside face of the metal bar.

It can be difficult to remove the red plastic backing strip on the 3M tape, but you just have to pick at it with your fingertips.

I also applied some double sided tape to the very bottom inside face of the vinyl door molding.

Once all of the tape was in place with the backing strips removed, I carefully lined up the door molding and pushed it into place.

I held it there for about 30 seconds applying even pressure to ensure that it sticks well and forms a permanent bond.

Be sure to not press too hard in any one small spot as you may crease, crack, or break the soft vinyl panel.

Ready For Mounting
Extra Tape On Molding
Push On & Hold Trim
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