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WeatherTech FloorLiner DigitalFit Interior Car Mats Review
A consumer's opinion of the WeatherTech brand "DigitalFit" FloorLiner automotive interior mats including pictures.

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WeatherTech Box
OEM Front Seat Floor Mat
OEM Rear Seat Floor Mat
I purchased the WeatherTech FloorLiner mats with "DigitalFit" as a gift for the owner of a new 2009 Honda Accord LX Premium sedan.

The interior carpet of their old car had gathered many stains over the years from the car being used as an active mobile office and from the torrential South Florida weather.

I first learned of the WeatherTech brand car accessories from the advertisements I see every month in Motor Trend magazine.

WeatherTech offers a variety of products on their website including rubber floor mats, cargo liners, side window deflectors, license plate covers & frames, sunroof window deflectors, pet tents & ramps, headlight protectors, and a roof top "RackSack".

The Honda dealer had already installed a "free" cargo liner in the trunk so I just ordered the front & rear FloorLiner mats.

2009 Honda Accord Carpet
Rear Seat Interior Carpet
Carpeted Rear Seat "Hump"

Ordering from the WeatherTech website was quick and easy, especially with the "shop by vehicle" feature.

The cost was $159.90 for the front/rear set of WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiners plus $18 for ground shipping via UPS.

A grand total of $177.90.

Front Passenger FloorLiner
Front FloorLiner Installed
"DigitalFit" Interior Protection
The WeatherTech FloorLiner mats arrived in a rectangular box about the same size as a front floor mat with the one piece rear FloorLiner folded in half.

I'd suggest saving the WeatherTech box to store the car's original carpet floor mats.

Installing the WeatherTech FloorLiner mats was extremely easy.

I removed the original carpet floor mats and slid the FloorLiner mats in their place.

I was impressed with how well they fit and covered just about every part of the interior.


FloorLiner Features List
Custom Molded Floor Liners
Driver Side FloorLiner Installed
The WeatherTech FloorLiner mats have three layers. The bottom layer grips the vehicle's floor carpet and prevents the mat from moving.

The center layer is rigid and provides strength while still allowing some flexibility.

The top layer has a soft rubberized feel with a texture that keeps your feet from slipping and channeled reservoirs that contain liquids and dirt.

Grey Rubberized Material
Full Rear Carpet Coverage
Center "Hump" Protected
So far the vehicle owner has been very happy with the WeatherTech FloorLiner mats and I think they are well worth the money.

The only possible fault that I can find with these mats is that people who drive bare foot (you know who you are) might miss the warm & fuzzy feel of the carpeted OEM floor mats.

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