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Zaino Bros Show Car Polish User Review
An auto detailing enthusiast's review of Zaino Show Car Polish products including pictures of Zaino treated vehicles.

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I originally discovered Zaino Bros Show Car Polish while browsing the ClubGP message board just before buying my first new car, a 2001 GM Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

Many of the forum's members were so enamored with the products that they were called "Zaino Zombies".

To properly protect the new car's flawless "Galaxy Silver Metallic" paint job, I decided to invest in a collection of Zaino Bros products.

I prepped the paint by washing the car with Dawn dishwashing soap to remove any wax that the dealer may have put on. Then I used the Zaino Clay Bar to remove contaminants in the paint and make it as smooth as glass before applying the polish.

Now, almost 10 years and 98,000 miles later, the GTP's paint still looks great thanks to my routine of using Z-7 Show Car Wash, Z-2 Show Car Polish, and the Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray.

Z-6 Quick Detailer $9.95
Z-16 Tire Gloss $12.95
Z-8 Grand Finale $19.95
Although the Zaino Bros line of show car polish products seem expensive, the bottles last a really long time since you only use a tiny amount per application.

I usually place a $60-$80 order once a year or less often, depending on how many times I gift the Zaino treatment to a friend or family member's car.

Z-12 Glass Polish $12.95
Z-7 Car Wash $8.95
Z-5 Swirls/Scratches $16.95
To help further spread out my orders from Zaino, I sometimes substitute the Z7 Car Wash with Meguiar's Gold Glass car wash or just use a few drops of Z-7 mixed with the Meguiar's.
Z-2 Show Car Polish $14.95
Free Cotton Applicator Pad
Z-AIO All In One $26.95
One of my favorite things about using Zaino polishes is how easily it can be applied and then wiped off without leaving any residue or white marks like conventional carnauba wax products.

If you're really short on time, the relatively new Z-AIO "All In One" Cleaner Polish Protectant product is a great alternative to more time consuming routines.

Z-10 Leather In Bottle $10.95
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
Torque Star Wheel
When I've got the time, I prefer to spend a whole day detailing my car inside and out.

After a thorough wash with Z-7, I dry the paint, apply a very thin layer of Z-2 polish and let it dry in the garage for a few hours.

Then I easily buff off the Z2 with a big white bath towel, spray on and wipe off a fine mist of Z-6 anti static gloss enhancer to give the paint that "wet" look and repel dust.

If I've got the energy, I sometimes repeat the Z-2 polish and Z-6 quick detail spray process one more time.

Otherwise, I just spray on and wipe off the Z-8 grand finale spray, wipe the tires with Z-16 tire gloss and protect the leather seats with Z-10 leather in a bottle.

The way the paint shines after spending a day applying Zaino polish products is amazing and seems to last for weeks if not months.

Even after the car gets dirty and dusty, a quick wash with Z-7 or Meguiar's car wash brings back the shine.


2005 Toyota Corolla S
Zaino-Bros-Show-Car-Polish-Review-017 Zaino-Bros-Show-Car-Polish-Review-018
Since first using Zaino almost a decade ago, I've been consistently pleased with the results as have the friends and family members lucky enough to have me detail their cars.

If you care about your vehicle's appearance and want to keep it looking great for years to come, I highly recommend the line of Zaino Bros show car polish products.

Toyota Silver Metallic
15" Corolla Alloy Wheel
Red 2007 Ford Mustang GT
It's difficult to capture the brilliant shine achieved with Zaino show car polishes using a digital camera, but I've included pictures of various cars that I've detailed.

They include a silver 2005 Toyota Corolla S, a red 2007 Ford Mustang GT, a pewter grey 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe, and a 2006 Pontiac G6 GT.

Zaino-Bros-Show-Car-Polish-Review-022 Zaino-Bros-Show-Car-Polish-Review-023
Pontiac G6 GT
2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe
G35 Alloy Wheel
Zaino-Bros-Show-Car-Polish-Review-028 Zaino-Bros-Show-Car-Polish-Review-029 Zaino-Bros-Show-Car-Polish-Review-030
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