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Palm Beach International Raceway Go Kart Track
Pictures, a video clip and visitor info from a trip to the Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) go karting race track.

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Paul B. Michaels
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Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-001 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-002 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-003
After watching the Ter-Tech Drifting Event at the road course area of PBIR (formerly known as Moroso Motorsports Park), I walked over to check out the go karts.

Palm Beach International Raceway features an 8/10 mile kart course that is 26 feet wide with 11 turns, 3 straights and multiple ovals.

The track is a WKA (World Karting Association) sanctioned master track suitable for sprint karting or quarter midgets.

Some of the features or services of the track include a pro shop, kart servicing, PBIR kart rentals, driver training schools, corporate team building events, Speed Karts leagues, and pocket bike practice or racing events.

PBIR Karting hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM on practice days and from 7:30 AM to 5 PM on race days.

Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-004 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-005 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-006
The Palm Beach International Raceway (formerly known as Moroso Motorsports Park) is located in Palm Beach County Florida at 17047 Beeline Highway, Jupiter, FL 33478.

To reach the staff by phone call 561-622-1400. To reach the Kart Center by phone, call 561-579-5641 or call Rony Miron at 561-889-0813.

Practice days and race series are held just about every month of the year. SAE series cars are welcome.

Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-007 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-008 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-009
Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-010 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-011 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-012

Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-013 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-014 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-015
During my visit to the PBIR Karting Race Track, I captured a few short video clips and edited them together into one short movie. To view the video, click on the blue link below.

Palm Beach International Go Karting Race Track Video Clip - Jupiter, FL

Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-016 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-017 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-018
Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-019 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-020 Palm-Beach-International-Raceway-Go-Kart-Track-Jupiter-FL-021
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