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Motocross of Marion County
Information & pictures of "Motocross of Marion County" dirt bike track located in Citra Florida near Reddick.

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Reddick Motocross Track
Finish Line - Checkered Flag
MotoX of Marion Back Section
Motocross of Marion County is one of the oldest dirt bike tracks in the state of Florida with it's first race in 1986. The track is also known as Reddick MotoX and is located at 2035 NW 146th Place, Citra, FL 32113.

Motocross of Marion County is not open year round for practice. They are only open for certain special events and races with a few practice days throughout the year.

Some of the events & races that are hosted at Reddick-Motocross include the National Vet MX Championship, the Florida Winter AM Series, Florida State AMA Gold Cup MX Series, Florida Evolution & Vintage Motocross Series, Florida Trail Riders MotoX Series, and the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier.

New riders can also attend the Travis Blackburn MX school. Information about the track and school can be obtained by calling the following phone numbers - (352) 591-2377, or 352-812-6640.

Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-004 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-005
Dirt Bike Starting Grid
Motocross Motorcycles
Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-007 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-008
Pack of Offroad Bikes
Dirt Bike Catching Air
Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-011 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-012
Dirt Bike Wheelie
Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-014 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-015

Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-016 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-017 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-018
Bottoming Out Suspension
Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-020 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-021
Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-022 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-023 Motocross-Marion-County-Dirt-Bike-Track-024
WOT Into The Dirt Berm
Banked MotoX Turn
Kicking Through Turn
Preparing To Jump Hill

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