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Daytona Team Challenge Motorcycle Race
Pictures from the 2003 Team Challenge sportbike motorcycle race at Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

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Each year, the legendary Bike Week event is held in Daytona Florida. A variety of races and events take place at the Daytona International Speedway including AMA, CCS, WERA and AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) races.

These particular pictures are from the Daytona Team Challenge sportbike motorcycle race that occurred in 2003. A friend of a friend was the # 477 racer, so we both went to check out the race.

We drove from Gainesville Florida where we attended the University of Florida down to Daytona Beach for the day.


Daytona-Team-Challenge-0004 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0005 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0006
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0007 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0008 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0009
For the photography enthusiasts out there, these pictures were taken with a Nikon D100 6.3 megapixel digital SLR camera body and a Tamron 28-300mm zoom lens. I wish there had been more sunlight on the day that I took these images so that I could have taken sharper pictures.
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0010 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0011 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0012
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0013 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0014 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0015
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0016 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0017 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0018
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0019 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0020 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0021
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0022 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0023 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0024
Racer's Bike On Fire!
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0025 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0026 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0027
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0028 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0029 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0030

Daytona-Team-Challenge-0031 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0032 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0033
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0034 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0035 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0036
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0037 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0038 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0039
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0040 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0041 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0042
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0043 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0044 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0045
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0046 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0047 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0048
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0049 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0050 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0051
Exiting The Fish Bowl Turn
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0052 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0053 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0054
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0055 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0056 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0057
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0058 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0059 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0060

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