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Ter-Tech Drifting Event At Moroso Motorsports Park
Pictures from the Ter-Tech & "Drift411" car drifting event held at Moroso on September 2nd 2007 in Jupiter, FL.

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Moroso Skidpad

Nissan 240SX

Skidpad Drifting Practice

These pictures were taken at the Ter-Tech & Drift 411 Formula D Pro Am Qualifier drifting races and skid pad practice held at Moroso Motorsports Park in Jupiter Florida on September 2nd 2007.

The event was sponsored by Ter-Tech, Drift411, Race Engineering and Kumho Tires. Spectators had to pay $15.00 for entry into Moroso and the drifting enthusiast drivers had to shell out $100.

Drivers could either enjoy all day drifting practice on the skidpad or the Moroso Road Course. Anyone with the necessary skills and a safety roll cage could compete in the Formula Drift Pro Am Qualifying race and earn Drift411 series points.

The 1st and 2nd place winners of this qualifying race were invited to the ProAm Nationals in Laughlin Nevada. The other 6 slots available would go to the 1st through 6th place drivers according to the Drift411 series points standing.




To see photos from the road course and the tandem drifting, check out my Ter-Tech Drifting @ Moroso Page 3. Most of page 1 and 2 are from the skid pad practice area. The majority of the drivers were running the Nissan 240SX, which is a very popular vehicle in the drifting scene. Some of the other cars burning rubber at this event were a Honda S2000 roadster, a Ford Mustang Convertible, and a Mazda Miata.
Counter Steering
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-008 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-009
(Moroso Motorsports Park is now known as "Palm Beach International Raceway".)
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-010 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-011 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-012
There were a lot of talented drivers polishing their drifting skills at the Ter-Tech event including Tim Murphy, Shant Karakouzian, Luis Riera, Juan Henao, Rafael Karakouzian, Fenicett Iribar, Dana Greer, Jeremy Lowe, Kyle Lauritano, Andy Nguyen, Adam Dooms, Ronald McQueen, Azad Khan, Justin Harris, and Rick Tavares.
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-013 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-014 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-015
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-016 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-017 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-018
If you missed this opportunity to get out on a track keep an eye out for these other events that may make future stops in Florida such as the DGTrials D-Day at Ocala Gran Prix Kart Raceway, the U.S. Drift National Tour, Drift Night @ Orlando Speed World, the Florida Drifts OSW Practice, South Florida Fairgrounds Drifting, and the HIN (Hot Import Nights) Nightshift.
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-019 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-020
$100 Driver Fee
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-022 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-023 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-024
Besides drifting, the Moroso Motorsports Park also hosts motocross (MotoX), go karting, autocross (AutoX), drag racing, rallycross (RallyX), Championship Cup Series (CCS) Sportbike Motorcycle Racing , SCCA and PBOC sports car road course events.
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-025 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-026 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-027
Honda S2000 Roadster

S2000 Convertible Drifting
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-029 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-030
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-031 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-032 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-033
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-034 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-035
$15 Spectator Entrance Fee
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-037 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-038 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-039
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-040 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-041 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-042
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-043 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-044 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-045
The next Ter-Tech drifting event will take place November 10th 2007 again at the Moroso Motorsports Park.

Some of the sponsors will include AEM Power, Evo Sport and Race Engineering. According to the website, the next event will include an attempt at breaking a drifting world record.

Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-046 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-047 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-048

To watch a short movie from the Ter-Tech & Drift 411 drifting practice & tandem qualifying races event, click on the link below. The video is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format and runs about 3 minutes and 40 seconds long with a file size of 26 megabytes. If you'd like to download the file, right click on the link and choose "save target as".

Ter-Tech Drifting @ Moroso Motorsports Park Video Clip
Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-049 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-050 Ter-Tech-Drifting-Moroso-9-2007-Jupiter-FL-051

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