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Chevrolet Impala Headlight Bulbs Replacement Guide
How to replace the low beam, high beam & turn signal light bulbs in the headlights of a 2006-2011 GM Chevy Impala.

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GM Impala Headlight
Open Hood
This automotive how-to guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 9th generation (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011) Chevrolet Impala in replacing the low beam, high beam or parking / turn signal light bulbs in the headlight assemblies.

Owners of other similar W-Body or "W" platform vehicles such as the Lumina, Monte Carlo, Buick Regal, Century, LaCrosse, Allure, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme may also find this guide to be useful.

The headlight assembly of a Chevy Impala contains the following bulbs: Low Beam bulb part # H11, High Beam bulb part # H9, and Turn Signal / Parking Light bulb part # 3157NA.

To remove the headlight assembly and access the bulbs, you'll need a 7mm socket and a 1/4" drive ratchet.

A pair of needle nose pliers should also be able to remove the one 7mm screw.

7 MM Screw
White Plastic Clip
7mm Screw Removed
The first step is to open the hood of the car and move to the side of the vehicle with the burnt out headlight bulb.

Locate the 7mm screw near the outer edge of the car and the white plastic retaining clip near the center of the vehicle.

Remove the one screw with the 7mm socket and ratcheting wrench or needle nose pliers.

Pull Out Plastic Clip
Retainer Clip Removed
Pull Out Headlight Assembly
Next, pull the white plastic retaining clip on the headlight assembly straight up and out.

Now that the 7mm screw and plastic clip have been removed, you should be able to pull the headlight assembly away from the front of the car.

Gently turn the assembly upside down and rest it on top of the lip of the bumper.

You may want to put a towel underneath the headlight to protect the paint on the bumper.

Middle Bulb - Low Beam
Twist Off Dust Cover
1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
The low beam bulb is located in the middle of the headlight assembly.

To access it, remove the large round dust cover seal by twisting it 1/4 turn counter clockwise.

Dust Cover Removed
# H11 Low Beam Bulb
1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
 To remove the low beam bulb, grasp the base of it and rotate it 1/4 turn counter clockwise.

Pull it straight out from the headlight assembly and pry up on the yellow retaining clip to separate it from the power connector.

Remove Low Beam Bulb
Pry Up Retaining Clip
Disconnect Power Wire
Push the power connector plug onto a new # H11 low beam bulb and insert the bulb into the headlight assembly.

Turn it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it.

Philips H11 LL Bulb
GM-Chevrolet-Impala-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-020 GM-Chevrolet-Impala-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-021
1/4 Turn Clockwise
Replace the black plastic dust cover over the low beam bulb and rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it in place.
Replace Dust Cover
High Beam Dust Cover
1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
The high beam bulb is located under the other round black plastic dust cover located closest to the center line of the car.

Remove it by twisting it 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it off the back of the headlight assembly.

1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
H9 High Beam Bulb
Pry Off Retaining Clip
To remove the high beam bulb, rotate it 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it out of the headlight assembly.

Pry up the power connector's black plastic retaining clip to separate it from the base of the high beam bulb.


Pull Off Power Connector
Philips H9 12V 65W Bulb
Insert Bulb, 1/4 Turn Clockwise
Push the power connector on to the base of a new # H9 high beam bulb and insert it into the headlight assembly.

Rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it.

Replace the round black plastic dust cover and rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to lock it in place.

Replace Dust Cover
Turn Signal / Parking Bulb
1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
The turn signal or "parking light" bulb is located on the outer edge of the headlight assembly and has a white base.

Turn the base 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out.

Remove Socket & Bulb
Pull Out Amber Bulb
Bulb # 3157NA
To remove the amber colored turn signal bulb from the socket, pull it straight out.

If it doesn't come out easily, try wiggling it while pulling it out. Replace it with a new # 3157NA bulb by pushing it straight down into the socket.

The Sylvania website lists the # 4157NA bulb as the proper replacement for the 2010 Chevy Impala.

Both the 3157NA & 4157NA should work.

Insert the new bulb and socket back into the headlight assembly and rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it in place.

Replace Turn Signal Bulb
Headlight Metal Spike
Headlight Tab
Once you have replaced the burnt out bulb(s), re-install the headlight assembly by lining up the metal point on the outer edge and the black plastic tab on the other side with the corresponding points on the car.

Push them into place.

Re-Install Headlight Assembly
GM-Chevrolet-Impala-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-041 GM-Chevrolet-Impala-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-042
To finish the job, insert and tighten the 7mm screw and re-insert the white plastic retaining clip.

Check that all the headlight bulbs work by turning on the lights, turn signals, and high beams.

Re-Insert Plastic Clip
GM-Chevrolet-Impala-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-044 GM-Chevrolet-Impala-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-045
Tighten 7mm Screw
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