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Chevy Impala HVAC Cabin Air Filter Replacement Guide
How to clean or replace the A/C system's cabin air filter element in a 2006 to 2011 GM Chevrolet Impala with pictures.

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Raise Hood Of Car
Pull Back Weather Stripping
Rubber Weather Stripping
This automotive how-to guide was specifically written to assist owners of the ninth generation (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011) Chevrolet Impala in cleaning or replacing the air conditioning system's cabin air filter element.

Owners of other similar W-Body or "W" platform vehicles such as the Lumina, Monte Carlo, Buick Regal, Century, LaCrosse, Allure, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme may also find this guide to be useful.

Unlike many other vehicles, the A/C cabin air filter in a W body General Motors car is located under the front passenger side windshield cowling rather than behind the glove box.

Compatible replacement cabin air filter elements include the Fram CF8392A, TYC 800080P, Bosch P3720WS, Champion CCF7706, Ecogard XC25245 and Purolator C25245.

Plastic Pop Rivet
Remove Pop Rivet Fasteners
Lift Off Windshield Cowling
The first step is to open the hood of your Chevy Impala and move to the windshield cowling on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Grab the thick rubber weather stripping located adjacent to the engine bay and pull it away from the cowling until it reaches the half way point.

There are two plastic pop rivet fasteners holding the black plastic windshield cowling in place that must be removed before you can lift off the passenger side cowling piece.

Cowling Removed
Cabin Air Filter Cover
Plastic Filter Cover Removed

Under the passenger side cowling piece, you'll find a smaller black plastic piece that covers the HVAC system's cabin air filter element.

To remove it, just grasp it on the edge closest to the engine bay and upwards and towards the front of the vehicle.

Then pull out the old cabin air filter by using the fabric tag on the front driver side edge.

If the filter isn't very dirty, you can tap out any large debris or blow the element our with a wet/dry shop vacuum.

I recommend buying the Fram CF8392A "Fresh Breeze" cabin air filter since it has excellent reviews on Amazon. I also like how it has Arm & Hammer baking soda and carbon in the filter to help keep the A/C system from smelling musty or moldy.

If you'd rather just replace the filter, slide the new one in place while with the "Flow" or "Air Flow" arrow pointing down into the blower motor housing.

Cabin Air Filter Element
Pull Tab To Remove Filter
A/C Blower Motor
To complete the job, replace the black plastic air filter cover, replace the passenger side windshield cowling, re-insert the two black plastic pop rivet fasteners, and push the rubber weather stripping back into place.

On your next drive, you should notice the HVAC system working more efficiently and the air blowing out of the vents should smell much cleaner.

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