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Yuengling Brewery Factory Tour - Tampa, FL
Pictures and visitor information from a tour of the Yuengling Beer Brewery & bottling plant located in Tampa, Florida.

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Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-001 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-002 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-003
What better way is there to spend an afternoon than taking a tour of a brewery and sampling a variety of ice cold beers?

That's what we thought too. So during our trip to Tampa, we visited the Yuengling Beer factory located near the University of South Florida.

The Yuengling brewery's address is 1111 N. 30th St, Tampa, FL, 33612. To reach the staff by phone, call (813) 972-8529.

Visitors are welcome at the brewery's visitor center Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM. The factory tours are given at 10 AM and 1 PM.

Of course, the highlight of the experience is the chance to sample a Yuengling beer (or two) before and after the tour at the bar area in the visitor's center.

Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-004 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-005 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-006
Those of you who live in Pennsylvania can visit the original Yuengling Brewery located at 5th & Mahantongo Streets in Pottsville, PA 17901.

Tours of "America's Oldest Brewery" at the PA location are given Monday through Friday at 10 AM and 1:30 PM. Tours are also given on Saturday at 11 AM, 12 noon, and 1:30 PM.

Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-007 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-008 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-009
Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-010 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-011 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-012
Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-013 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-014 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-015
Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-016 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-017 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-018

Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-019 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-020 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-021
Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-022 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-023 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-024
Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-025 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-026 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-027
Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-028 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-029 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-030
Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-031 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-032 Yuengling-Brewery-Tour-Tampa-FL-033
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