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Monster Jam - Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL
Pictures and a video from the "Monster Jam" monster truck show held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

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Blue Thunder Monster Truck
Blue Thunder Ford F350
BullDozer Turning
This "Monster Jam" monster truck show took place on Saturday February 21st at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.

Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers professional football team, is situated at the SW corner of N. Dale Mabry Highway (US 92) and West Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd (W. Buffalo Avenue).

Tickets for the event were $15 for adults or $30 for the club seats. We picked up free pit party and monster truck ride passes at advance auto parts.

Unfortunately, we underestimated the amount of traffic there would be on Dale Mabry Hwy and arrived too late to attend the "Ultimate Pit Party" before the show at 7:30 PM.

Plenty of parking for $10 was available in the grass lots across the street from Raymond James Stadium and just south of Hillsborough Community College.

Taz & The Destroyer
Mopar Magic
Cadillac Escalade
A typical Monster Jam show features monster truck races, ATV or dune buggy races, dirt bike motorcycle stunt riders, a truck with a cannon firing t-shirts into the crowd and the axle busting monster truck freestyle competition.
Raymond James Stadium
Taz Revving Up
Jumbo Tron TV Screen
The lineup of monster trucks for this Monster Jam show included Taz, Escalade, Blue Thunder, Mopar Magic, Gun Slinger, Stone Crusher, Maximum Destruction, The Destroyer, Grave Digger, War Wizard, Pastrana 199 and BullDozer.
Stone Crusher
Maximum Destruction
The Monster Jam series puts on shows all across the USA in cities such as Naples FL, Las Vegas NV, Lexington KY, Fresno CA, Ocala FL, West Lebanon NY, Hagerstown MD, Toledo OH, Stafford Spring CT, Orlando FL, Sunrise FL, Atlanta GA, Detroit MI, Wichita Falls TX, Dayton OH, Bridgeport CT, Baton Rouge LA, Nampa ID, Reno NV, El Paso TX, Charlottesville VA, Lafayette LA, Pensacola FL, Grand Rapids MI, Biloxi MS, Phoenix AZ, San Diego CA, Miami FL, San Francisco CA, Washington DC, Salt Lake City UT and many more.
The Destroyer
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-014 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-015
Destroyer Jumping
Monster Trucks Parked
ATV Racers Lining Up
4wheelers Taking Turn
Fans of monster trucks in cities across the world also get a chance to enjoy a Monster Jam show. Some of the stops on the international tour are Chorzow in Poland, Cardiff Wales, Gothenburg Sweden, Helsinki Finland, Arnhem Holland, London Ontario, Calgary Alberta Canada, Brussels Belgium, Brondby Denmark, San Jose Costa Rica,  Paris France, Antwerp Belgium, Zurich Switzerland, Oberhausen Germany, Prague Czechoslovakia, Milan Italy, Manchester UK and many more.
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-019 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-020 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-021
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-022 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-023
Capacity Crowd
Concession Counters
My favorite part of the show was when a construction bulldozer dragged out an old recreational vehicle (RV) for Mopar Magic to crush into thousands of splintered pieces. Then later, the ground crew set up another RV for Blue Thunder to demolish.
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-025 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-026
Escalade Drifting Corner
Escalade Catching Air

Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-028 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-029 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-030
The Destroyer Flying
It's easy to see why Raymond James Stadium was packed to capacity with enthusiastic fans as soon as the first monster truck roared to life. This was my first time attending a Monster Jam show and also my first time attending any kind of monster truck event. After the first few minutes of watching these massive machines fly in the air, I was kicking myself for not going to one sooner. Since tickets are only $15 per person, I highly recommend that everyone go to at least one Monster Jam show. So far I've recruited a few of my previously hesitant friends to attend the next show here in South Florida.
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-031 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-032
War Wizard Jumping
Maximum Destruction In Air
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-035 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-036
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-037 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-038
Maximum Destruction Turning
Taz Drifting Around Corner
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-040 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-041
BullDozer Jumping
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-043 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-044
Mopar Magic Jumping
Grave Digger
Stone Crusher
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-047 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-048
Monster Truck Races
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-049 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-050 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-051
Grave Digger Jumping
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-052 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-053 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-054
Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-055 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-056 Monster-Jam-Raymond-James-Stadium-Tampa-FL-057
Grave Digger Catching Air

I took these pictures with my Canon S5 IS digital camera which can also capture short video clips. I edited together the video clips from this Monster Jam show into a short movie. The video is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs about 5 minutes long and has a file size of 75 megabytes (MB). To "stream" the movie, just left click on the link below. To download the movie to your hard drive, right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" depending on which browser you are using. This video is fun to watch, but to get the full experience, you really need to attend a Monster Jam in person!

Monster Jam 2-21-09 Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL - Monster Truck Show Video
Grave Digger Jumping Cars
Buccaneers Pirate Boat
Grave Digger Drifting

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