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Hyde Park, SoHo, & Ballast Point - Tampa, FL
Pictures and visitor info from a driving tour of the Hyde Park, SoHo & Ballast Point neighborhoods of Tampa, Florida.

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Downtown Tampa
Bayshore Blvd
The images on this page are from a driving tour of the Hyde Park, SoHo (South Howard Avenue) District, and Ballast Point neighborhoods of the Tampa metropolitan area.

We started off driving on Bayshore Blvd with an excellent view of the Downtown Tampa skyline and then turned into the Hyde Park community.

The focal point of Hyde Park is the Hyde Park Village shopping area filled with boutique stores, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Next we drove into the "SoHo" (South Howard Avenue) entertainment district which is known for its high end restaurants, nightlife, clothing boutiques, and cafes.

The last neighborhood we visited before returning back to Bayshore was Ballast Point situated near MacDill AFB.

Bayshore & Brevard
Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-005 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-006
Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-007 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-008 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-009
Dakota Ave
Dakota & Village Circle
Hyde Park Village
Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-014 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-015
Hyde Park Sign
Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-017 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-018

SoHo District
Coldwell Banker
Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-022 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-023 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-024
Bayshore Mansions
Ballast Point Sign
Ballast Point Park
Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-028 Hyde-Park-Soho-Ballast-Point-Tampa-FL-029
MacDill Air Force Base
Downtown Tampa Skyline
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