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Lettuce Lake Park - Tampa, FL
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor info from a trip to Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida.

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Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-001 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-002 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-003
Lettuce Lake Regional Park was opened in 1982 and covers about 240 acres of land in Hillsborough county just outside the city limits of Tampa.

The park's address is 6920 East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL 33637. To reach the park office, call (813) 987-6204.

The park features elevated boardwalks, nature trails, a visitor center, an observation tower, BBQ pits, public restrooms, a playground area, an open play field, a fitness course, and waterfront picnic shelters.

You can experience a variety of Florida ecosystems at Lettuce Lake Park such as a flood plain, an oak hardwood forest, the Hillsborough river, a fresh water wetland and cypress domes.

Some of the wildlife we saw during our visit included a Florida Alligator, an owl, Isis birds, herons, spiders, butterflies, wild turkeys.

Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-004 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-005 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-006
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-007 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-008 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-009
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-010 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-011 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-012
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-013 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-014 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-015
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-016 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-017 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-018
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-019 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-020 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-021

Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-022 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-023
Cottonmouth Snake Sign
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-025 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-026 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-027
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-028 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-029
The best part of this visit to Lettuce Lake Park was when we came upon two photographers using a bird call computer. They had the device set to emit an owl call that enticed a nearby owl to repeatedly swoop over the board walk. I captured a video clip of the owl's flight that you can view below.
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-031 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-032 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-033
During our visit to Lettuce Lake Park, I captured a few short video clips and later edited them together. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the movie to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Lettuce Lake Park Video Clip - Tampa, FL

Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-034 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-035 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-036
Pink Egg Sack
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-037 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-038
Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-040 Lettuce-Lake-Park-Tampa-FL-041
Elevated Boardwalk
Lettuce Lake

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