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Point Dume State Preserve @ Zuma Beach - Malibu, CA
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to Point Dume State Preserve located at Zuma Beach in Malibu, California.

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Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-001 Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-002 Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-003
During a very long 12 hour layover in Los Angeles, we decided to kill some time by renting a car and driving to Malibu, located about 35 miles away.

Our hotel for the day, the Radisson LAX, was conveniently also the site of the Midway Car Rental company.

I had reserved a Toyota Corolla on their website at a cost of just $27.38 for the day. They instead gave us a brand new Toyota Prius hybrid.

We parked in the small lot at the end of Westward Beach Road and paid a few bucks at the parking ticket machine.

It was chilly out, but the sun was shining and we enjoyed watching some rock climbers ascend the side of Point Dume.

Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-004 Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-005 Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-006
Point Dume State Beach is situated next to Zuma Beach, near Malibu Beach, and just south of the Santa Monica Mountains. Point Dume has been featured in several films such as Planet of the Apes, D-Day the Sixth of June, Iron Man, and The Big Lebowski.

To see and hear Point Dume State Preserve for yourself, click on the following video clip link: Point Dume Video Clip.

Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-007 Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-008 Point-Dume-State-Beach-Malibu-CA-009
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