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Santa Barbara Zoo Pictures
Photos from our trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo in sunny Santa Barbara California during our 2005 vacation.

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One night while we were relaxing in our room at the Marina Beach Motel in Santa Barbara California I saw a TV commercial for the Santa Barbara Zoo. The weather was supposed to be excellent the next day so we decided to spend part of the day checking out the animals.

We left the Marina Beach Motel and headed down to the zoo and I saw that the parking lot was packed.

This was surprising since it was a weekday in the middle of the afternoon

At the entrance to the Santa Barbara Zoo are the birds such as the African Grey Parrot, Flamingos, Caribbean Parrots, Macaws, and the Rhinoceros Hornbill.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-07 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-08 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-09

The parrots in the first picture seemed to be true "love birds" as we saw them being very affectionate towards each other the entire time that we were in the bird section. I was hoping to hear some of the birds at the Santa Barbara Zoo talking but unfortunately none of them uttered a word.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-10 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-11 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-12

I worked at an animal hospital for a few years during my high school career and the veterinarian who owned the small pet clinic had a colorful macaw bird that would talk your ear off.

African Grey Parrot
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-14 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-15

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-16 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-17
Red Panda Habitat
Rhinoceros Hornbill Bird
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-19 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-20 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-21
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-22 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-23 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-24

In the picture in the middle you'll see the Red Panda. It was late in the afternoon and the sun had been really strong so I don't blame the "Lesser Panda" for being so tired and lazy up there on his branch.

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