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As our day at the Santa Barbara Zoo winded down to an end we went past the elephants again to see what they were up to.

These elephants were originally from India and Africa. The African elephants seemed to enjoy the mild California weather more than the elephants from India.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-76 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-77 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-78
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-79 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-80 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-81

One of the last animals that we checked out as we were leaving the Santa Barbara Zoo was the seal. A guy standing on the railing across from us must have known the seal personally because it would respond to his calls and greet him on every revolution around the pool. After watching the seal greet this man several times, we concluded that he must have been a Santa Barbara Zoo employee.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-82 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-83 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-84
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-85   Santa-Barbara-Zoo-86

As we exited the Santa Barbara Zoo I snapped the last picture of the entrance. The price of admission was about $20 per person and I thought it was well worth the cost. We enjoyed the zoo, the variety of animals, and the friendly staff. When we got back to the Marina Beach Motel I downloaded the pictures off the Secure Digital (SD) card in my Canon Power Shot SD110 digital camera and emailed a few back to my friends in Florida.

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