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One of my favorite pictures from our trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo is the 3rd one in this row of the flower. It was a big waxy yellow flower that looked substantial, juicy and very photogenic.

Western Lowland Gorilla
Up next on our tour of the Santa Barbara Zoo was the tortoise and the Western Lowland Gorilla.

When the gorilla made eye contact with people tapping on the glass you could really see the intelligence in his eyes.

I'm sure he must get tired of dealing with the tourists all day long.

In the last few pictures that I took of the gorilla you can see him walking away from the glass and taking a banana break by the back area of his habitat.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-55 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-56 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-57
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-58 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-59 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-60
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-61 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-62 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-63

At the back of the zoo, there was a large open nature preserve that you could view from a long winding wooden walkway.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-64 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-65 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-66
Pot Belly Pig

These sheep, goats, and pot bellied pigs were the laziest animals in the Santa Barbara Zoo. I'm guessing that they were tired from the weekend of little kids running around.

Santa-Barbara-Zoo-67 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-68 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-69
Santa-Barbara-Zoo-70 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-71 Santa-Barbara-Zoo-72

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