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Santa Barbara Whale Watching Sailboat Tour
Pictures From Our Trip Aboard The "Sunset Kidd" Sailboat Giant California Gray Whale Watching Tour In Santa Barbara

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I went ahead and put all my "good" Giant California Grey whales and dolphin pictures at the top of this page so you can check these out first if that's what you're interested in. Over 25,000 Giant California Gray Whales migrate up and down the Santa Barbara coast each year!

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-01 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-02

Another "must do" on our list of activities for our vacation in Santa Barbara California was to go on a whale watching tour.

We looked through the booklets that the Marina Beach Motel had provided in our room. There were a few different whale watching options including a large yacht, and a smaller sailboat.

We chose the sailboat since it sounded like there would be a smaller group.





The vessel we chose to embark on for our whale watching tour was a sailing yacht named the Sunset Kidd 2. We read in the brochure that the Sunset Kidd 2 would be able to blend in with ocean life better than a big rumbling motor powered boat. This meant that we would be able to get some relatively close up pictures of the dolphins and whales.

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-07 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-08 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-09
Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-10 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-11 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-12

Usually I get a little bit seasick when I'm on boats. But this time I remembered to take some Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate Tablets / Antiemetic) Original Formula, so I felt fine. The less drowsy formula may have been a better choice since we both felt a bit drained near the end of our whale watching tour up the Santa Barbara coast line.

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-13 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-14 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-15

As the Sunset Kidd 2 pulled out of the Santa Barbara harbor, we could see Stearns Wharf getting smaller and smaller. The captain told us that he would be cutting off the motor once the sail was up and we were close to the whales.

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-16 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-17 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-18
Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-19 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-20 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-21

Once I heard the motor turn off, I knew that we were getting close to the path that the Giant California Grey Whales take on their commute up and down the California coast.

Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-22 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-23 Santa-Barbara-Whale-Watching-24

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