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Kayaking In Santa Barbara California
Pictures from our kayak rental experience in the Pacific Ocean on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara California.

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Santa Barbara Harbor
Kayak Rental Company Float
During our week long trip in Santa Barbara California we had a few activities on our "must do" list including going kayaking in the Pacific Ocean.

Our hotel had conveniently placed a directory of Santa Barbara restaurants, attractions, and leisure services in our room.

We chose the kayak rental company that was closest to our hotel, packed our sunscreen and jumped in our Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo SUV rental car.

Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-04 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-05 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-06

I was a bit hesitant to take my digital camera along, but I found a Zip Loc bag in my luggage that would protect the camera from the harsh salt water. The sights were breath taking and I'm really glad that we brought the digicam out on the kayak.

Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-07 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-08 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-09
Rainbow Sailboat

The picture in the middle of the tree on a cliff is one of my favorites from our kayaking experience. The wind was fairly strong on that day so a few sailboats were zipping around in the water.  By the time half of our hour long rental was over we had traveled quite a bit up the coast. Now we had to turn around and paddle much harder to fight the wind since it had previously been at our backs.

Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-10 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-11 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-12
Pelican Beach

On the way back into the marina we took a break on a little secluded beach by surfing the kayak on a wave on to the sand. It was so much fun that I had to go out and do it once by myself while my girlfriend collected a few shells. I got soaking wet doing this so it's a good thing that I brought that plastic bag for the camera. I've always wanted to buy one of those waterproof enclosures for my Canon PowerShot. But I think I'll wait until I upgrade to one of the newer models. I'll definitely need it once I get my scuba certification, which my girlfriend has been bugging me to get so that we can both go diving.

Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-13 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-14 Santa-Barbara-Kayaking-15

After we left the little beach on the other side of the marina entrance, we paused to visit the pelicans and observe their behavior. The entire pelican hang out was littered with their droppings and it was funny seeing them step on to some of it and do a hop. The kayak rental company's website name on their paddles reminded me that we needed to get back soon or else we'd be charged for another hour. I was too hungry at this point to even think about staying out longer. I really wanted to check out a restaurant that we saw on the Santa Barbara beach.

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