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Chill & The Ice Kingdom - Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
Pictures and visitor info from a trip to The Ice Kingdom at Chill by The Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, California.

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The Queen Mary Ship
Queen Mary Seawalk
Holiday Village
We took advantage of a Living Social deal to check out the "Chill" event on shore near the Queen Mary retired ocean liner that now serves as a historic hotel.

The highlight of the Chill experience is "The Ice Kingdom" which is a 13,000 square foot tent filled with elaborate ice sculptures carved from 4,500 massive blocks of ice that weigh about 2 million pounds.

As we entered The Ice Kingdom, an event staff member handed us some blue parkas to help keep us warm inside the enclosure. The temperature is kept at a brisk 9 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the sculptures intact.

A team of ice sculptors from all over the world spent a month working 12 hour days to complete the exhibit.

Entrance To Ice Kingdom
Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-005 Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-006
Ice Castle
The event runs from November 17th 2012 to January 6th 2013 at The Queen Mary which is located at 1126 Queen Highway in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California 90802.

CHILL Combo tickets cost $29.95 per adult or you can choose to just purchase a ticket for the Ice Kingdom at $24.95 per adult. Included with entrance into The Ice Kingdom is a ride on the ice slide.

The Living Social deal for Chill was $19 per person and included a free return visit to explore The Queen Mary ship.

Chill is open from 10 AM to 10 PM most days and from 10 AM to 9 PM on the final day which includes the closing concert.

Ice Unicorn
Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-008 Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-009
Ice Princess Sculpture
Other attractions at Chill included the 6,500 square feet outdoor ice skating rink, an elevated tubing slide, the holiday village, a gingerbread craft area, live entertainment, light displays, holiday decoration, "Candy Lane" (giant holiday candy display), and a Santa Claus to take pictures with children.
Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-010 Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-011
Queen Mary Ice Replica
The parking fee on the weekday that we visited The Queen Mary was $5 per vehicle. The event website lists the parking fee as being $20 per vehicle.

Ice Whale Sculpture
Pelican & Seagull Sculptures
Waiting For Ice Slide
View From Slide Stairs
Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-017 Chill-The-Ice-Kingdom-Queen-Mary-Long-Beach-CA-018
Ice Kingdom Main Floor
Santa's Elves Ice Figures
Toy Dump Truck Sculpture
Santa's Toyland
Toy Train Locomotive
Santa Claus Wreath
Colorful Giraffe
Rocking Horse
Teddy Bear Ice Sculpture
Nativity Scene Sculpture
Queen Mary Ocean Liner
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