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Color Mob 5K Run - Irvine Lake, Silverado, CA
Pictures, a video & event info from the 2012 Color Mob 5K race held at Irvine Lake, Silverado, Orange County, CA.

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Color Mob Picture Station
Getting Ready To Run
Thousands of Runners
This past weekend we attended the 2012 Color Mob 5K Run held on Saturday December 8th at Irvine Lake in Silverado, Orange County, California.

The event was inspired by the Hindu "Festival of Colors" known as "Holi" which is primarily celebrated in India and Nepal. Holi celebrates the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil. Hindus spend the day covering each other in colored powders or colored water.

In addition to vast amounts of colored cornstarch powder, the inaugural Color Mob 5K also featured live music, a beer garden, food trucks, free promotional samples and a scenic view of Irvine Lake.

Tickets for the event were $50 per person or $25 from the Living Social or Groupon websites. Parking was either $5 for general parking or $10 for the time saving VIP lot.

First Colors Flying Up
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-005 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-006
Irvine Lake is located at 5305 Santiago Canyon Road, Silverado, CA 92676. The event was scheduled to start at 10 PM and end at 2 PM "ish" but the start was postponed due to heavy traffic going in to the parking lot.

We opted to pay an extra $5 for the $10 VIP parking lot since we had friends already waiting for us in the registration line. It was well worth the extra cost to park quickly and to leave the event rapidly in the afternoon.

Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-007 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-008 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-009
The food trucks that were at the after party included Burger Monster, The Lime Truck and The Bakery Truck. We picked up a few energy drink samples from the Monster and WorX tents before heading over to Diamond Jamboree in Irvine for our first Shabu Shabu experience at "SWSH" which is a Japanese hot pot restaurant (similar to The Melting Pot fondue restaurants).
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-010 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-011 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-012
5K Race Beginning
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-013 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-014 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-015
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-016 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-017 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-018
First Color Station - Green
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-019 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-020 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-021
2nd Color Station - Red
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-023 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-024

Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-025 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-026 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-027
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-028 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-029
Picturesque Irvine Lake
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-031 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-032 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-033
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-034 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-035 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-036
Mid Run High Five
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-037 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-038 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-039
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-040 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-041
Blue Guys
Girls In Ballerina Tutu Skirts
Mid Race Water Station
Group Photo
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-046 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-047 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-048
Blue Color Powder Station
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-049 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-050 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-051
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-052 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-053 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-054
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-055 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-056 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-057
Santa Claus Runner
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-058 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-059 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-060
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-061 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-062
Back At Start Line
During the 5K, I captured a few video clips and later edited them together into a short movie. The sound is muffled since I had my Canon Elph 300 HS inside of a underwater camera case.

To view the video clip, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". The file is encoded in the WMV (Windows Media Video) format, runs a little over 4 minutes long and has a file size of 107 MB.

Color Mob 5K Video Clip - Irvine Lake, Silverado CA

Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-064 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-065 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-066
Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-067 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-068 Color-Mob-5K-Irvine-Lake-Silverado-CA-069
Beer Garden
Free Promo Products
Food Trucks
Fishermen Leaving Lake
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