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Two Tails Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary - Williston, FL
Pictures, a video clip and visitor info from a trip to the Two Tails Ranch exotic animal sanctuary in Williston, Florida.

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Asian Elephant
Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-002 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-003
Elephant Rocking
We first heard about the Two Tails Ranch Elephant & Exotic Animal Sanctuary from a Groupon deal. I purchased a tour for two, a $20 value, at a discount price of just $10.

The tour started off with the owner and her staff showing the group a few smaller animals including an infant gopher tortoise, and a cute hedgehog.

Then we were led to the seats and benches in front of the enclosure that contained an Asian Elephant named "Luke". He did a few tricks such as lying down on command and painting a picture on a canvas with brushes.

The Two Tails Ranch is located at 18655 NE 81st Street, Williston, FL 32696. To schedule a tour, call the staff at 352-528-6585.

Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-004 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-005 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-006
The other animals currently residing at Two Tails Ranch during our visit were two Grevy's Zebras, a goose, a large Gopher Tortoise, an ostrich, and a duck.
Large White Tusks
Elephant Lying Down
Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-010 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-011 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-012
Elephant Painting
Elephant Artwork
Luke Painting Canvas

Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-016 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-017 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-018
Hairy Asian Elephant
Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-019 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-020
Grevy's Zebras
During our visit to the Two Tails Ranch, I captured a few short clips and later edited them into one video. To view the video clip, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the blue link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Two Tails Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary Video Clip

Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-022 Two-Tails-Ranch-Exotic-Animal-Sanctuary-Williston-FL-023
Gopher Tortoise
Duck & Goose
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